Teacher’s Day Craft – A Chalk Box and Greeting Card

Teacher's Day Carft- Chalk Box and Greeting Card


5th of September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India in the memory of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Teacher’s day was a special day while we were growing up. It was not a holiday but a celebration at schools. We used to carry small gifts, most often flowers for teachers and senior students would turn teachers for a day and take classes. It would conclude with functions and more celebration.


Here we make a special gift for your child to prepare and present to his/her teacher on this special day. What better way to make a teacher feel appreciated than go that extra mile and make something yourself. And your child will feel proud that his/her creation is right there being used by the teacher and not just kept somewhere and forgotten.


Older students can try most of it themselves under supervision of course, but younger kids will need more help.


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Chalk Box/ Container

What you need

An empty tin box with lid

3-4 boxes of small crayons. This will depend on the box that you choose to cover. If the box is taller, you may need taller crayons. If crayons are thicker, you may need less number.


Glitter tubes


A piece of string or ribbon

How to make the Chalk Box

Start with an empty tin box with a lid. We used a nut box, removed the wrapping and cleaned it.

Cover a small portion of box with glue and stick a crayon. Continue sticking crayon in similar fashion. Crayons will not stick right away and may come off, stick them right back. Ensure there is not any space between the crayons.

Once the crayons are stuck, tie with the help of a ribbon or string. Let it dry completely. It may take upto half an hour.

Meanwhile, decorate the lid using stickers and glitter. We used letter stickers to write CHALK.

Once the crayons seem reasonably set, use glitter to decorate the top.

And there you go, your beautiful Chalk Box is ready. It can actually be used to store anything, pens, markers etc.

 – A Chalk Box


The Greeting Card

Now let us make the card to go with this.

Since, we are doing crayons, we chose the same theme for card too.

What you need

Card paper – any color( We used yellow)

Teacher's Day greeting card


Colored pens




How to make the Greeting card

Draw the shape of a crayon on card paper and cut using scissors.

Using a crayon, draw lines to demarcate the tip and the body.

Fill the tip using a crayon. You can let your child do this.

Use stickers, markers and glitter to decorate the body.

Write a message for the teacher on the body.

Let the card dry for some time under the fan till glitter is dry.

And the card and gift for your child’s favourite teacher is ready in less than 1-2 hours.



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