Easy Handmade Christmas Card

Christmas is only a few days away and then there will be the New Year. With the advent of internet and emails, e-cards, phone calls, Facebook have replaced the traditional exchange of cards on these occasions. But they have their own charm and nothing can replace the joy of receiving a lovely card. One of the most distinct memories that I have as a kid was sending the New Year cards and receiving them.

Christmas is also about friends and family and sharing with others and I want my child to learn this from an early age. We recently selected some toys and clothes which Aanya is not using anymore for donation. One of the ladies who work in our apartment has a 6 months old grandson who I have given stuff earlier too. So, I called her  and I told Aanya that she has a baby at home who will play with those toys. My heart swelled with pride to see how easily she gave those things away. She has always been good at sharing her toys with her friends and didn’t bat one eyelid while giving away the stuff.

Aanya will soon be 3 years old and is quite excited by the idea of Christmas. She loves Santa Claus and reindeer and has been singing carols in school.

Few days back Aanya and I were watching Mr. Maker on Discovery Kids and one of the projects looked easy enough to do with her.  So, I took the idea from that project to make a greeting card for this occasion. It turned out nicely and we are saving it to give it to Aanya’s Stella didi, our domestic help.

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What you need

Card stock or paper

Printed card paper

Small piece of brown paper 1” * 2” or a popsicle stick

Kitchen sponge wipe

Kitchen scrub pad

Glitter and embellishments




How to

Spread a newspaper to protect your work area.

Cut the card stock to a desirable size of the card. We used 12”*7”.

Fold it over to form a card of 6” * 7”.

Cut the printed card paper to the size of 4” * 5”.

Cut the sponge wipe to the size of 3” * 4”.

Cut a paper in the shape of an x’mas tree.

Use this as a template to cut a tree out of the kitchen scrub pad.

Roll the brown paper to form the stem and stick the ends using glue. Leave it aside to dry. You may also use a piece of popsicle stick for this.

Assemble the card

Stick the sponge wipe rectangle on to the center of the printed card paper.

Stick the scrub pad tree on the sponge wipe rectangle.

Stick the brown paper stem on the base of tree.

Decorate it using sequins and glitter and other embellishments that you want. Let it dry.

Finally stick the printed paper rectangle onto the center of the card.

Add your message and your easy-peasy Christmas card is ready.

P.S. You can make similar cards with santa’s cap, snow flakes or a snowman in the center.

Do let us know your plans for Christmas and New Year.


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