My Journey With Dental Health

I have struggled with cavities my entire life, therefore, my daughter’s dental health is of prime importance to me. So, not only did I make sure that she brushed twice a day, I also paid special attention to her diet, and curbed her in-take of sweet food. I assumed that my daughter’s teeth were in great shape, until I was given a thorough wake-up call recently.

 A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to visit the dental camp conducted by Colgate. I took my little one with me, to get her a free dental check up. There, a dentist informed me of a cavity that was beginning to form in one of her molars- I was shocked out of my wits! That was not all, I also learnt that 1 out of 3 kids in South India suffer from cavities- and most parents are unaware of their children’s dental problems! I was baffled, and I vowed to step up in the sphere of my kid’s dental health. 

The dentist then educated us about some cautionary measures to prevent the cavity from getting worse- flossing regularly, a healthier diet and some basic tips on better oral hygiene. My daughter and I walked out of the camp, full of gratitude to Colgate, and fully motivated to take better care of her dental health.

At the camp, I was also given 5 Colgate dental cards, which I shared with my friends. These cards entitled their kids to a free dental check-up. Of the 5 friends who visited the dentists, 3 of them learnt that their kids had dental issues! This truly was an eye-opener for all of us. 

A few days after the dental camp, Colgate sent me a lovely hamper with lots of calcium and protein-rich foods such as broccoli, spinach, milk and milk products, dates, nuts and so much more. Along with this, came the all-new, Colgate Strong Teeth, and a demo video that showed how Colgate works on your teeth.

Turns out, the new Colgate Strong Teeth with Amino Shakti gives 4X strengthening power, which helps add natural calcium to the teeth through remineralization process and makes teeth strong from within. Now, my family has been using Colgate for years, so the Colgate Strong Teeth was an amazing upgrade, and I believe, it’s here to stay! 

Cavities can be painful, and it’s been reported that lots and lots of kids miss several hours of school owing to toothache. The role of healthy teeth is not limited to dental health alone, but to overall healthy growth and functioning of our children, therefore, let’s work towards protecting those little smiles. 

I have decided to do two things in this regard: 

1) Ensure that my daughter has regular dental check-ups. In my opinion, they should be given the same weightage as vaccinations and general health check-ups. 

2) Switch to the new and improved, Colgate Strong Teeth, to make sure my family’s teeth are taken care of well, because I know, Colgate has got our backs! 

I have started my journey towards better dental health with the new Colgate Strong Teeth, and it’s about time you did, too!

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