Benefits of millets – How to use millets for babies and kids

Millets have always been important part of Indian diets. But with time, they have been forgotten gradually. Gladly, they are being appreciated again. Millets are specially beneficial for babies and growing children. Let us have a look at them closely and their benefits for kids.

What are Millets?

Millets are a group of a variety small-seeded grasses, widely grown around India and the world as cereal crops or grains for fodder and human food. common millets used in India are jowar, bajra, ragi, rajgira, kuttu or buckwheat etc. These millets are full of nutrition and are highly recommended for babies and children.

Benefits of millets for babies and kids

Millets are wonderful for overall growth of babies and kids. We list out some common benefits below:

  • Millets are rich in anti-oxidants
  • Millets help in muscle development of children.
  • Millets are rich in fibre so they prevent constipation.
  • Millets like ragi are rich in calcium which are good for bone development.
  • Millets are rich in iron so they prevent anaemia in babies and kids.

How to introduce millets in baby’s diet

zMillets can be introduced in baby’s diet right from 6-7 months. We have shared many recipes of ragi and bajra porridges etc. But if you do not have the time to make your own, you can buy ready porridge mixes which are available and are as good as homemade as they are organic and made from traditional recipes.

I have tried many products from EarlyFoods for my daughter and have been very impressed by them.

Early Foods are a millet based food company for children and new moms. We have products porridges, teething sticks, cookies, health drinks etc for babies, children, pregnant & breast feeding mothers.

They have porridge mixes which can be introduced to babies after they have been introduced to basic foods and are ready for all kinds of grains around 9-10 months.

How to introduce millets in kid’s diet

Even though the porridge mixes are suitable for babies and toddlers, they can also be given to older kids.

I specially loved the ragi, almonds and dates porridge mix. I usually make that for my daughter’s breakfast before school. It takes just 5 minutes to prepare and gives her the right start with complex carbohydrates and protein mix.

My daughter loved the biscuits/ cookies by them. She loves the sattu mavu jaggery cookies for evening snack with her milk. I am glad that I have a healthy option for quick snacking which keeps both of us happy.

She also loves the beetroot cookies. What I love is that these cookies have jaggery and not sugar and they are as good as homemade.

Have you tried their products? You can visit their website here on Early Foods.

You can buy these products from this website. Their products are also available all major e-commerce websites.

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