Disposable Diapers – Myths vs. Facts

Every mother has gone through the dilemma of choosing the right diaper for her baby. The decision can impact your baby’s early years in so many ways that it is important to be judicious about it. Today, we bust some myths which are prevalent around disposable diapers.

Disposable Diapers - Myths vs. Facts


Myth: Cloth is better than diaper

Fact: There used to be and still is a notion that perhaps cloth is better than disposable diapers. However, it has been proven and experienced that diapers are more efficient in absorbing liquid and keeping a baby dry. On the other hand, cloth diapers can often hold moisture inside leading to rashes on baby’s delicate skin. Some of the new diapers like Pampers baby dry pants have an inner layer which has baby lotion which again protects baby’s sensitive skin from moisture and rashes.

Myth: Diaper causes skin rashes

Fact: This is also a myth that I can guarantee against. I used Pampers for my daughter when she was young and she never suffered from any diaper rash. It was most comfortable for her even if we had to stay out for whole day. Even when she started sleeping whole night without a diaper change, she never had a rash. The diaper used to be heavy in the morning but still the top layer would be dry.

Disposable Diapers - Myths vs. Facts

Myth: If you use diapers for long hours, skin cannot breathe

Fact: This might have been true long back when diapers were still in nascent stages, but current day diapers are very advanced and allow air to circulate and skin to breathe by keeping air flow and allowing moisture vapour to be transmitted through the material.


Myth: Thin diapers are not effective

Disposable Diapers - Myths vs. Facts

Fact: Many people believe that to hold more moisture, diapers should be thick and bulky. On the contrary, the latest diapers like Pamper Baby Dry Pants are thin and light-weight and yet they distribute the wetness evenly to keep baby’s skin completely dry and comfortable.

Myth: Pant style diapers are uncomfortable for infants

Fact: Now this is something even I used to think initially. It always appeared that normal wrap around diapers were perhaps easier for babies and mums. But with the recent experience that I have had, I can safely say that pant style diapers are way more comfortable. The number one reason is their snug fit, so there is no chance of them getting loose with movement. Also taking them off is as easy as wrap around diapers if not easier.

We hope that this article cleared some of the doubts or reaffirmed your belief in doing the best for your baby. What else comes to your mind when it comes to popular beliefs regarding diapers which may not be completely true?

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  1. Sharvi Blossom hulsure says:

    Great and much needed post, I’ve always used diapers, and this was reassuring

  2. Charu Arun says:

    I always swear by Pampers for my kid.


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