Top 5 Tips to make Mathematics Interesting for Kids | Mathematics for kids

Mathematics for kids

What to do to interest kids in Maths

Mathematics is simply a methodical application of the knowledge that you have. Mathematics brings order to life and encourages problem-solving skills. It nurtures critical thinking, reasoning ability, creativity and spatial thinking.

Mathematics is the fundamental novelty of human civilization. It is said that if in any case an extra terrestrial entity ever contacts human race, it has to be mathematics as a language to communicate.

However, many children find this subject challenging and even struggle with the subject in school. Experts believe that mathematics can be made easy and enjoyable by employing various techniques, specially during the early formative years and primary education.

Here, we look at 5 innovative ways to make learning Mathematics interesting for young kids.


Mathematics for kids


Mathematics for kids

1. Visual Mathematics for kids

Top 5 Tips to make Mathematics Interesting for KidsMathematics can be easily understood, if represented in visual paradigm. Whether it is addition , subtractions, multiplication  or any other mathematical problem, it is grasped better when explained through visual or spatial information rather than just symbols or abstract concepts. There are many visual techniques in following up this principle. Major example includes abacus, Montessori beads and geometry.

At the very start, it is important to introduce numbers and mathematical concepts using real objects like beads and rods. Once the child has grasped what the symbol actually means, he/she can then go on to use the abstract concept easily. Similarly, introducing a real object helps them to understand 2D and 3D shapes better than just drawing on a board.

2. Mathematics for kids in Daily Life

To understand numbers the most beautiful way is to study our daily life. So teaching about time and space creates a sense of numbers in the growing mind. Here are some simple ways to show them how maths is all around us and we need it for our everyday tasks.

  • Teach about time and clock
    We can start with hours in a day to days in a month. Try to get your child break down the numerical hours yet to go for their birthday. This creates a sense and value of numbers in further problem solving.
  • Money
    Taking kids to market and letting them figure out how much you need to pay or get as change creates excitement for them and introduces the concept of money in real sense.
  • Piggy banks
    Piggy banks are a great way to introduce kids to money and currency and also the concepts of addition and subtraction.
  • Board games
    Board games like business and monopoly have been favourites for generations to teach mathematical concepts.
  • Sharing a fruit or a pizza between siblings or friends to teach fractions.


3. Mathematics for kids in Nature 

Nature around us is full of patterns, an important skill in Mathematics .

These patterns can be the flower petals , leaves arrangement, symmetry of faces in animals. All of this have a lot of mathematical patterns added to it.

The snow flakes creates a specific pattern which in advance terms are nothing but fractals or geometric figures.
Fun fact: No two snow flakes are alike. So, every snowflake is fully symmetrical in itself but will be unique and not match any other snow flake.

A butterfly is an excellent example of symmetry in nature.

Honey comb is a made up of beautiful hexagonal patterns.

Making your child to appreciate these patterns in nature can ignite the excitement to get deep understanding of the pattern science and find out the beautiful number games behind it.


4. Mathematics in Space

To explain geometry and shape the best example is outer space. The planetary position and shape creates lovely phenomenon starting from lunar eclipse to solar eclipse. If the sun , earth and moon are not at the exact distance that they are, then these eclipses would never happen. This is the most interesting overview for your child to start exploring on mathematical distance and shape learning.

Phases of moon is also a great way to teach shapes and fractions.


5. Mathematical Superheros : Mathematics for kids

Top 5 Tips to make Mathematics Interesting for Kids

One of the best ways is to tell about inspiring stories about great mathematicians and their work life. It creates huge interest   among children to pursue this wonderful subject and unravel the many mysteries that are yet to be solved.Some of the greatest mathematicians we can read about are Aryabhatta, Archimedes, Ramanujan, Euclid, Euler, Gauss and many others.

Do you have any more ideas that you would like us to add to this list? We would love to hear from you.



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