Easy Craft Activity for Kids- Patchwork Animals

Easy Craft Activity for Kids- Patchwork Animals

Summer vacations are almost over here and we have done quite a few craft projects this summer. One of them is this simple patchwork animals project.  We generally prefer doing simple art and crafts which requires whatever we have available around house and does not take a lot of time.


We recently did this easy craft activity for kids at home. My daughter had had enough of crayons and coloring and drawing. She wanted to do some craft and I wanted to give my daughter something challenging but something that she is able to do herself without much intervention from me. So, we took out stuff already present in our craft box and she loved making these. This activity is suitable for 4-6 years old. If your child is not comfortable using the safety scissors, you can ask her to tear the paper or even cut them into patches yourself and then leave her to to do patchwork.


Easy Craft Activity for Kids Patchwork Animals

We need

Drawing Sheets

Pens, pencils

Birthday streamers or colored paper

Safety scissors

Glue stick

Googly eyes


Easy craft activity for kids Patchwork animals

How To:

Draw or print any animal/bird you would like to make.

Give colored papers or leftover birthday streamers to child to snip.

Help your child stick the paper pieces using a glue stick.

Stick googly eyes.

Finish using colored pens.

Admire your child’s handy work.

 While doing this my daughter realized she could make necklace and bracelets too.


This project is awesome for preschoolers, neither too simple nor too difficult. They can manage most of the steps by themselves. Just spread a mat on the floor, give them supplies and keep an eye while they explore their creativity.

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