10+ Teacher’s Day Card & Teacher’s Appreciation Craft ideas for kids

Teacher’s day celebration ideas

Teacher’s day card ideas

Teacher’s day craft ideas

Teacher’s Day is celebrated in India on the 5th of September every year. This day is dedicated to Dr. Sarvepalli  Radhakrishnan.

The World Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th of October as a day to appreciate the contribution teachers to our society. Teacher’s appreciation Day or week is celebrated in different countries on different days to commemorate the memory of a local educator.

I was also a teacher is my previous life for some time and I know how good it feels when a student makes you feel appreciated. Now that my daughter is in preschool and she absolutely adores her two preschool teachers, we make cards and gifts for her teachers every year.

This year, I have shortlisted some awesome ideas from around the internet to help you in your crafty endeavours.

Teacher's day card & gift ideas

Teacher’s day Card ideas

Check out our very popular teacher’s day card and chalk box which we made 2 years back and numerous mums and kids made them for their teachers.

Teacher’s Day Card and DIY Chalk Box gift

Teacher's Day Carft- Chalk Box and Greeting Card

DIY Teacher’s Day gift ideas from Plaidonline

This cute DIY bookmark cum card from Yellow bliss road is also a great card as well gift idea for Teacher’s Day.

Teacher's day card

Teacher’s Day gift ideas

Crayon themed gifts for Teacher’s Day from MomItForward


Pencil themed Teacher’s day gifts

Pencil frame for your child’s favourite teachers from The Crafted Sparrow


Pencil Flower Vase

This is such a cute idea and still quite easy to do. I have seen a few more project where one needs to to cut the pencils to a particular size to make DIY object, which can be difficult for school children. In this project, whole pencils are used, which is quite easy.



What you need:

A tall cylindrical glass (A pringles container may also be used, if you do not want to use glass)

Packs of pencils to cover -here yellow wooden pencils have been used, but you may use whatever you have available.

A ribbon to form a bow

Strong glue – hot glue gun


Plastic flowers to decorate


  1. Using the hot glue gun, stick the yellow pencils to cover the outside of the glass completely.
  2. Tie the vase with a ribbon bow.
  3. Decorate the flowers in the ready vase.

Hope you like these ideas to make cards and gifts for Teacher’s Day. Do try a few of these ideas and make your child’s teacher feel appreciated. Do not forget to share what you made with us here.

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