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Week 6

What’s happening to your baby ?

You baby is growing fast and your doctor can hear the heartbeat already with a doppler. This week, the limbs are begining to form and so are your baby’s facial features, the eyes, ears, jaws, cheeks and nose. Also starting to form are baby’s digestive and respiratory system. They still have a long way to go before they mature and start functioning but the journey is underway.

What’s happening to you ?

The usual symptoms continue. You may continue to feel exhausted and sick. Some women also have constipation, while some get diarrhea. Your breasts will continue to become fuller and more tender and areolas continue to darken. You may also notice increase in vaginal discharge.

You may also have mood swings and food cravings and strong sense of smell. Your nose may become sensitive to even slightest of foul smells.


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