Baby Massage

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Q. Hi Ma , What is the correct way of massaging my newborn baby ?

Nervous Mom


Hi Nervous Mom, Don’t be too nervous!

You will soon get a hang of massaging and bathing your baby and become a pro at it. Don’t rub your baby till the baby is atleast 1 month old. Till then, you can make a small ball of atta (wheat flour dough) , dip it in the oil you want to use for massaging. It can be anything from mustard oil, olive oil , almond oil, coconut oil or commercially available mineral oils. though it recommended to use edible oils. Gently roll this dough ball over your baby’s body, dipping in oil occasionally. Once done, bathe your baby in warm water.

For a baby over 1 month, you can massage using your hands with gentle strokes.

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  1. mahi says:

    hi ma, my baby boy 15mnths old .night times he wakes up every 3 to 3 and half hours for hungry and in day time he does not eat proper food i really wonder what to do?

  2. Shruti Bhambani says:

    hi ma, i want to purchase book lunchbox and snack menu plan and recipes for whole school month by priya sachan. so please guide me how can i proceed furter.

  3. Roopa Bannale says:

    hi. I have 6month old girl baby.. My concern is her less weight.. She just weighs 5.7kg..she has teething symptoms.. How To Help gain her weight..

  4. Roopa Bannale says:

    Since few days she started having disturbed sleep in night.. Gets up hourly n need consolation in terms f breast feeding..

  5. Nisha says:

    My baby is suffering from really bad cough…tried to gv medicines but nothing can soothe this…he can not even sleep day or night…plz suggest what to do? I m giving him ginger juice with warm honey…n Tulsi water also….he is suffering from this since last two days…plz help


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