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Craft ideas for preschoolers

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Peacock puppet craft -This Sunday was our crafts day! My 5 years old daughter and I made quite a few crafts which I will share with you all. I am specially proud of the one I am sharing today. My 5 years old said she wanted to make a peacock. Yes, she loves colourful things, so peacocks, butterflies, ladybirds are all her favourite. If you see her colouring book, everything she colors has as many colors as she can find, no matter if she is colouring a rainbow or a giraffe. 🙂

So, she said let us make a peacock and we were brainstorming when she said I know what we can do, “I can draw peacock feathers and we can use glitter to decorate”. That’s when she drew the feather and I absolutely loved it. I asked her draw at least a dozen feathers.

Peacock puppet craft for kids

peacock puppet craft for kids


We found one old CD (too many lying around to be recycled). Her vision was slightly different as she wanted the side-profile of the peacock with a long neck, but we decided it will be easier to have it this way as it will have the support of the CD at the back.

By the time we finished, we added a loop at the back so that we can hang it and also added a craft stick at the back so that she could hold it and tell stories.

Peacock puppet craft for preschoolers


peacock puppet craft for kids
peacock puppet craft


What we need to make the peacock puppet craft

White Drawing/ Card paper 

Sketch pens/ Colored pencils

1 old CD

2 googly eyes

Purple glitter paper to make the neck

1 small piece of orange felt to make beak

1 craft stick – the one that we have used is almost double the length of popsicle stick ( This allows her to hold her puppet and tell stories)

Acrylic paints, embellishments for decorating

Thin ribbon/ string to make a loop for hanging


Sticky tape

How to make peacock puppet:

Ask your child to draw the feathers and let them make it as colourful as they want. Try to resist the temptation of making it perfect. The child’s imagination is what makes this perfect.

Cut the feathers and keep them aside.

Cut the shape of neck and head on a paper.

Now use this shape to cut the same out of the purple glitter sheet.

Stick googly eyes on the head using the glue.

Cut a small triangle out of orange felt to make the beak.

Stick the beak under the eyes.

Assemble the peacock

Spread the glue on the shiny side of the CD.

Now stick all the feather towards the sides of the CD.

Sick the head and neck at the centre such that it covers the ends of the feathers.

You may color any empty parts of CD using metallic blue acrylic colors.

Use glitter or any embellishments to decorate the feathers as you and your child wishes.

Finally, make a small loop using a ribbon and stick at the back using glue and tape. You can hand your peacock on a wall hook.

To make a puppet, stick a craft stick using glue and tape. The stick should be long enough for the child to be able to hold it like a puppet.

There you go!! Peacock puppet craft for children is ready. An afternoon well-spent!
We will make this a part of our Independence Day post. That post is going to be epic! Watch out this space for it.

Do share your crafts and ideas for toddlers & pre-schoolers with us. 

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