How to Choose Toys for Infants


Babies win everyone’s hearts and it is a joy to buy stuff for them especially toys for your own kids or others. Toys play an important role in development of children. Variety on offer these days is mind boggling and one is spoilt for choice when buying toys for infants. But how do you choose which are right for your child?


 How to choose right toys for baby?


It is however important to keep few things in mind while shopping for toys for babies. Here, we look at few important points to remember when buying toys for an infant :

  • Buy toys which recommended for infants. When buying, you will see manufacturer’s instructions that a particular toy is safe for 1-3 months or 3-6 months or 6months+, 3 years+ etc. It is important to take notice of these as giving toys meant for older children to infants can be hazardous. Also, toys infants will not be able to comprehend how to play with toys meant for older kids which defeats the purpose.
  • Do not buy toy with small parts. These can be choking hazard and may also be too much for baby to handle leading to frustration.
  • When buying for a newborn, look for toys that make noise, soft toys, cloth balls or blocks. Look for toys in bold primary colors. Rattles and cot mobiles are great for newborns.
  • Ensure that the toys are from a good company and safe for infants. Babies put toys in mouth, so ensure toys are washable and are made of BPA free plastic.
  • When buying wooden toys, look for nails, chipped corners etc. They can be hazardous. Ensure that paint used is nontoxic and safe for babies.
  • Do not buy toys with long strings or ribbons as baby may get entangled in them.
  • Look for toys which will grow with your baby, so that you can use them for a long time and get the best value for money.
  • Look for toys which spark curiosity and call for action rather than just looking cute.
  • Choose toys which will encourage and help in developing hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills. E.g. Shape sorters, stacking rings, nesting cups are great toys for babies and toddlers.
  • Ask other parents for feedback when buying toys. They may tell you their experience with those toys and also guide you the best place to buy them from.
  • Check out internet for review on toys and recalls if any. At times, toys are deemed unsafe in some countries but are still available elsewhere. Look for the reasons of recall and choose to buy carefully.


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