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चाह गयी चिंता मिटी, मनुआ बेपरवाह
जिनको कछु ना चाहिए, वे साहन के साह

Meaning in Hindi

Rahimji kehte hain ki agar man se chah arthat ichchha chali jaaye to man se sab chinta chali jaati hai. Jinko kucch nahin chahiye, wo rajaon ke raja hain kyonki wo har haal me khush rehte hain.

Meaning in English

Rahim says that wanting things is the root of all worries and if one an abolish all wants there will be no worry. People who do not want anything are kings of kings as they are happy in all circumstances.

जो रहीम उत्तम प्रकृति, का करी सकत कुसंग ।
चन्दन विष व्यापत नहीं, लिपटे रहत भुजंग ।।

Meaning in Hindi

Rahim kehte hain, ki jo log achchhi prakriti ke hote hain, bura saath bhi unka kuchh nahin kar sakta. Jaise chandan ke ped par saanp lipte rehte hain, phir bhi chandan me zahar nahin hota.

Meaning in English

Rahim says bad company can not spoil someone with excellent character. As, snakes are always there on sandalwood tree, but it never gets poisonous.

रहिमन पानी राखिये, बिन पानी सब सून।
पानी गये न ऊबरे, मोती, मानुष, चून॥

Meaning in Hindi

Rahim kehte hain ki paani ke bina sab soona hai. Paani ke bina moti(sampatti), manushya aur choona(dharati) sab bekaar hain.

Meaning in English

Rahim says, water is most important. As without water, there is no wealth(pearls) , life or earth.


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