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रुठे सुजन मनाइए, जो रुठै सौ बार। 
रहिमन फिरि फिरि पोहिए, टूटे मुक्ताहार॥

Meaning in Hindi

Agar acche log aapse rooth jaayein, to aapko unhe bar-bar mana lena chahiye. Jaise motiyon ka haar chahe kitni baar bhi toote, hum use phir se piro lete hain.

Meaning in English

Rahim says, if good people get angry with you, you should reconcile with them as many times as it happens. As you repair a pearl necklace as many times as it breaks.

छमा बड़न को चाहिये, छोटन को उत्पात।
कह ‘रहीम’ हरि का घट्यौ, जो भृगु मारी लात॥

Meaning in Hindi

Jo chhote log hote wo utpaat machaate hain, aur bade log unko maaf kar dete hain. Jaise rishi Bhrigu ne Bhagwaan Vishnu ko laat maari, to bhi bhagwaan ne unko maaf kar diya.

Meaning in English

Narrow-minded people create trouble and great people forgive them. Rahim says, God Vishnu did not mind when Sage Bhrigu kicked him.

तरुवर फल नहिं खात है, सरवर पियहि न पान।
कहि रहीम पर काज हित, संपति सँचहि सुजान॥

Meaning in Hindi

Jaise ped apne phal khud nahin khaate, aur sarovar apna paani khud nahin peeta. Rahim kehte hain, waise hi jo sajjan log hote hain, wo doosre ke kalyaan ke liye hi sampatti sanchay karte hain.

Meaning in English

Trees do not eat their own fruits, pools don’t drink their own water. Rahim says, good people accumulate wealth to do good to others.


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