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बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलिया कोय।
जो दिल खोजा आपना, मुझसा बुरा न कोय ॥

Meaning in Hindi

Main jab doosron me buraai dhoondne chala, to koi bhi bura nahin mila. Jab maine apna dil tatola, to mujhse zyada bura koi nahin mila.

Meaning in English

When I looked for evil outside, I could not find any evil. Once I started looking in my own heart (introspection), I found I was the most evil. Rahim means, we should try to improve upon our own shortcomings rather than finding faults with others.

 बिगरी बात बनै नहीं, लाख करों किन कोय ।

 रहिमन फाटे दूध को, मथे न माखन होय

Meaning in Hindi

Rahim ji kehte hain ki bigdi hui baat lakh manane par bhi nahin manti hai, jaise agar doodh ek baar fat jaaye to use kitna bhi matho, usme me makhan nahin nikal sakta.

Meaning in English

Rahim says when something goes wrong, it does not get right by any means you may try. Just like when milk gets curdled, you cannot whip it to get butter.

गहि सरनागति राम की, भवसागर की नाव ।
रहिमन जगत-उधार को, और ना कोऊ उपाय ।।

Meaning in Hindi

Rahimji ji kehte hain ki Ram naam ki naav me ja kar hi is bhav sagar ke paar jaya ja sakta hai. Arthat is sansaar se uddhar ka bhagwaan ki sharan me jaane ke alawa aur koi upay nahin hai.

Meaning in English

Rahim says to get through this life and world, the only way is through God (Ram).


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