10 month old Baby Food Chart, Food Chart/Meal Plan for 10 Months baby

At 10 months, most babies are now proficient eaters, though some may need more time and it is perfectly alright. You may now start a small snack along with three solid meals and baby’s breastmilk and/or formula. Remember that you should not try to cut down on baby’s milk if baby demands it. You can introduce newer tastes like spices and herbs to your baby’s menu.

10 month baby food chart

Add cardamoms, cinnamon to baby’s halwa, kheers etc to add natural sweetness. Non-vegetarian food can be given safely now if not already started. Most grains can be given, but  follow 3 day wait rule when giving any grain for the first time. Keep nuts, cow’s milk and honey away till baby turns 1. Read more on what  food items to avoid during baby’s first year.

You may also add pasta and noddles to add more variety. Give variety of food to expand your baby’s palate.

P.s. This meal plan is just a guideline to help you plan your baby’s meals. Feel free to change according to your and your baby’s preferences. Every baby is different and your gut feeling is going to be correct more often than any guideline anywhere.

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 10 month old baby food chart



Early Morning








BM /Formula

Rice cereal with grated apple

Ripe papaya pieces

Rice with chicken broth

BM / Formula

Dosa with sambhar

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Oatmeal porridge with cheeku

Banana slices

Vegetable fried rice with fish

BM / Formula

Chicken soup with toast

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Egg yolk on toast

Halved or quartered grapes

Vegetable pulao with  curd

BM / Formula

Chapati with Bottlegourd curry

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Dalia/ Broken wheat porridge

Rusk/ teething biscuits

Khichdi with veggies and curd

BM /Formula

Chapati with aloo gobhi matar (potato, caulifloer and peas curry)

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Paneer bhurji sandwich

Melon cubes

Rice, masoor dal and pumpkin curry

BM /Formula

Missi roti with sweet pumpkin curry

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

French toast

Cooked carrot sticks

Chapati with dal and mixed vegetables

BM /Formula

Rice and fish

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Ragi porridge

Cooked apple cubes

Idlis with sambhar

BM /Formula

Jeera parantha with spinach and potato curry

BM /Formula


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Hope this food chart will help you in planning your baby’s food. If you like it, do share it in your circle. Do leave a comment to ask a question or let us know your feedback.  You can follow us on Youtube, Facebook, twitter and pinterest.

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20 Responses to “10 month old Baby Food Chart, Food Chart/Meal Plan for 10 Months baby”

  1. Shalini Rajesh Kannan

    Can u pls mention the timing to give food for baby. Especily dinner time, because the babies will hav a digestive pblm …

    • Priya Sachan

      It is best to give solid meal at least 2 hours before your baby sleeps. You may breastfeed/ formula feed at bed time.

  2. Hi Priya,

    First of all, I love your website – it is really helpful to find out what to make for my baby.

    I am a working mom of a 10 month old. My baby has been going to day care for the last three months. So far i used to give her Cerelac in day care whilst i give her fresh home cooked food while at home. But off late, my baby is rejecting the cerelac and seems to prefer more textured foods like rice. Whilst this is great news for me, I am really struggling on how to pack her fresh food for the whole day at childcare.

    I live outside India – so the child care providers dont know much about Indian food – i want to limit the prep time at the day care and perhaps put something in a hot pack which will stay good for about 4 hours plus.

    Any advise on what food I can consider which will stay good for at least few hours if I keep it in a hot pack? I notice things like Rice become very cakey if its not fresh.

    Thanks much in advance!

    • Priya Sachan

      Hi Ashwini,
      You can give khichdi which is a complete meal so you will not have to make any accompaniments and it also stays better than rice since it has more water.
      If you baby likes chapati, you can pack different kinds of paranthas. Stuffed paranthas with nicely mashed stuffing are soft and also stay well for many hours.
      Hope these help. Much love your baby..

  3. My question is does a 10 month baby eat all these paranthas and rotis as a whole without grinding? My baby is 10 month old and does not have teeth yet to chew this. Wouldn’t there be a problem while swallowing these solid foods?
    I give dal khichadi with some veggies, cerelac, milk, ragi kheer, semolina sheera but have to blend the rice else she vomits. Please suggest how to make her eat without teeth and that won’t get stuck in her throat.

    Many Thanks in advance

    • Priya Sachan

      Hi, I can understand your concern, but you are not supposed to give whole chapatis. When you want to give chapati, shred it into tiny pieces and soak it in dal, milk or vegetable curry and give.

  4. dhiren chettri

    my baby is 10 month running and his skin is sensitive.would you please suggest me what kind of food should be given to him.(we generally give him milk rice,cereals, carrot,potato,palak,lauki,mango,orange,frooti)

    • Hello,

      For sensitive skin, providing rice,cereals, carrot,potato,palak,lauki,mango,orange,frooti is ok but milk is not suitable for many of the babies i have come through. Dr. also suggest not to feed cow milk before 12 month old (here you can go for Nan Pro milk powder which i easily available specially made for babies).

  5. Sowjanya

    Hello priya mam my baby is 10 months old he ill not eat properly. If I force him to eat food he I’ll spilt it and going to cry and also I was confused what to give and what not to give please help me

  6. Debjit mukherji

    Hallo priya my baby is 10th month going but I want to know some easy home made food chart and time gap of eat .

    • Priya Sachan

      Hi Naomi, Perhaps he is falling his little tummy up with something else. You may try to space out feedings and see if he is more hungry.

  7. Baby food chart plays very important role for the growth of babies. But some parents do not care about their food or there are not aware about how to follow the chart. I was also not aware about it, by reading your post I got some basic tips for my baby.

  8. Gira Majmudar

    My 10 months old baby is not sleeping throughout night.Is it because of hunger?


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