11 Month Baby Food Chart, Food Chart/ Meal Plan for 11 Months old baby


11 Month Baby Food Chart Indian, MEal plan for 11 months old baby

Time flies and your baby is almost an year old now.  If you are a mum to an 11 months old, then this food chart is just for you. At 11 months, your baby is now old enough to be trying a lot of the regular table food that the rest of the family enjoys. If you feel that s/he needs more time, do not fret. Keep offering as much variety as you can and it will happen eventually. Even though babies this age are able to chew or at least mash all kinds of food at this stage, make sure the food is well-cooked and mashed or cut into small pieces to avoid the risk of choking.  In this article, Indian Food Chart for 11 month old baby and tips on how to feed him/her have been discussed.

Meal plan/ food chart for 11 months baby


By 11 months, babies are quite aware of everything around them and can communicate in some way about their needs. They are now on the brink of toddler-hood. As you plan a schedule or timetable along with meal plan for your 11 month old, you should plan on giving at least three solid meals and one or two snacks. At the same time, ensure that baby is getting his/her quota of breastmilk or formula. 

How much Milk to give to 11 months old baby

At 11 month old, gradually reduce baby’s milk intake to 3 to 4 feeds or max 32 oz and increase solids intake at the same time. If you are not sure whether you baby is getting enough breastmilk or formula, follow the following tips.

How to know if baby is getting enough breastmilk

How to know if baby is getting enough formula


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Tips on planning Food chart for 11 months old Baby/ 11 month old baby schedule

  • Give small quantities  of boiled and cooled water along with solid food too.
  • Give ample play time or floor time as that encourages baby to crawl/ walk. Baby will also still be taking at least 2 naps, though these usually differ from baby to baby.
  • Allow your baby to sit in a high chair and feed himself/ herself as much as possible.
  • Do not worry about the mess. This is the beginning of self-feeding and will serve you and your baby well in the long run.
  • Take your baby out in a stroller to a park or outside. This helps baby to develop social skills by meeting new people.
  • Graduate your baby from purees to thickly mashed food and soft chunks. Finger foods are great for this stage.

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 11 Month Baby Food Chart Indian



Early Morning








BM / Formula

Besan ka cheela

Banana slices

Khichdi with veggies and curd

BM / Formula

Chapati with pumpkin curry

BM / Formula


BM / Formula

Ragi dosa

Cheeku pieces

Curd rice and vegetable mash

BM / Formula

Chicken soup with toast

BM / Formula


BM / Formula

Egg yolk on toast

Sweet potato fries

Idlis with sambhar

BM / Formula

Missi roti with matar paneer

BM / Formula


BM / Formula

Banana pancake

Rusk/ teething biscuits

Peas and potato curry with small parantha

BM / Formula

Small dosa with sambhar

BM / Formula


BM / Formula

Paneer bhurji sandwich

Melon cubes

Dalia Khichdi/ Broken Wheat Khichdi

BM / Formula

Dal parantha

BM / Formula


BM / Formula

Small Dosa

Stewed apple and pear

Chapati with dal and capsicum potato

BM / Formula

Veg pulao with curd

BM / Formula


BM / Formula

Broken wheat porridge

Papaya mash or cubes

Rice with fish curry

BM / Formula

Vegetable soup and rice

BM / Formula


Hope this food chart will help you in planning your baby’s food. If you like it, do share it in your circle. Do leave a comment to ask a question or let us know your feedback.  You can follow us on Facebook, twitter, YouTube and pinterest.

11 Month Baby Food Chart


11 months baby food chart

Foods to avoid in Indian Food Chart for 11 months old baby

  • Continue to avoid salt and sugar till baby turns 1 year old
  • Cow’s milk should also be avoided till 1 year thought curd and cheese can be given safely.
  • Whole Nuts should also be avoided as they can cause choking risk.

Check out detailed Foods to avoid for babies before 1 year

Note to parents:

This Indian food chart for 11 months old babies is for educational purposes and suggestive in nature. Every baby differs and if your baby does not want to follow the exact meal times or needs more time in trying newer foods, it is absolutely fine. When in doubt, always consult baby’s doctor.

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18 Replies to “11 Month Baby Food Chart, Food Chart/ Meal Plan for 11 Months old baby”

  1. Megha Gopan says:

    I have a question.Can idlis be had for lunch dear?In the food chart it is mentioned as lunch on wednesday.Since Idlis are very light and get digested easily,I’m doubtful whether you can use it for lunch.Kids might feel hungry after a while.I suggest it would be better for dinner.What do you say Priya?

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Idlis are absolutely fine for lunch, if your child likes them. They are wholesome and with sambhar form a great meal.
      You should use your discretion, however.

      1. happy says:

        but my 1 year baby is still in puree condition of food.he has only 3 teeth.how he is able to chew all these thing in solid.

  2. Spurthi says:

    Hello ,
    My baby is 11 month old but yet prefers to eat pureed food. He kind of feels like throwing up for small solid bits in the puree. In the chart it has mentioned dosas and pancakes will they be able to complete that meal. He likes eating finger foods but sometimes chokes himself. Can you please suggest some solid finger foods that can be eaten without choking?

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Hello Spurthi,
      All babies are different. So, while many babies are able to chew well by 11 months, some babies may take a little more time and it is fine, as long as you are giving them ample opportunity to practice chewing. If you feel you baby is still not comfortable, give small slices of banana – ensure they are cut into thin slices. Well-boiled potato and carrot cubes. Cut soft idli into tiny pieces and offer.

  3. Deepika says:

    When my child born up to the age of 1 year..he was chubby…but now he is 3 and a half and looks thin…he eats…but iam bit worried about hos weight…he is 12 kgs

  4. Manali says:

    Hi..my baby is 11 months old…how to make idly sambhar for him..like what spices and how to ferment the idli??

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      For 11 months old, I would suggest just make plain dal with vegetables with a little salt and haldi and maybe pepper. Sambhar powder might be too hot and spicy for such a little baby.
      You can make idlis the regular way. Soak equal quantities of dal and rice for couple of hours, grid them and let the better ferment overnight. In the morning, use it to make idlis.

  5. Shwetali says:

    Is dosa/parantha/idli not too dry for baby to be given at this age?
    example :
    when you say idli with sambar, do you mean idli mashed in sambar or do you mean we cn offer pieces or bytes

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      You can give as your baby is comfortable. At this age, baby’s sambar is just dal and some vegetables cooked together without spices. Dip the idli or dosa in this and give it to baby. If you want you can also mash it with dal and give.

  6. hon saisha says:

    if baby is not taking hen what to do?

  7. Minu says:

    Thank you for creating the blog.
    How can I feed chapathi to my 11 month old baby? There are lot of opinions by elders at home, would love to hear from you.
    Thank you

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      I started feeding chapati by breaking it into small pieces and mixing it with dal, milk etc. It makes the chapati soft and easy to chew.

  8. Pallavi says:


    My son has not developed a single teeth yet. so lil worried about solid food like idli or chapati.
    Can we still feed him all these?

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Yes, you can. Just mash the food and soften it in dal or sambhar.

  9. Anju says:

    My 11months baby often suffers from cough n cold .he sleeps very little during day time and at night also,he started weeping n crying at night.plz


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