Taking care of babies during summer heat

How can I keep my baby comfortable during the hot summer months?

What precautions to take for baby in hot summer months?


Taking care of babies during summer heat

Summer time brings bright sunny mornings and longer hot and humid days, which requires some basic precautions as far as your baby’s safety is concerned. As first-time/new mothers, it can sometimes get overwhelming, but it simply is a matter of taking some basic safeguard measures.


Do not go out in the harsh sun during afternoon

Afternoon sun can be quite severe and is not good for anyone, let alone babies whose skin is much thinner than that of adults. So, whenever you have to go out with the baby, make sure it is during morning hours or evening when the heat is not so relentless.

Use a sunscreen when outdoors

If at all, you have to get out in hot sun with your baby, use a baby-friendly sunscreen.
Check with your doctor if it is ok to apply sunscreen and then choose a baby-safe sunscreen with SPF 20 at least.

Stick to basics when it comes to clothing – Dress baby comfortably

This is the time to ditch those princess-y synthetic outfits however cute they might look.

  • Use comfortable, natural fabrics like cotton. 
  • Dress baby in loose-fitting clothes like jhablas when indoors. For outdoors, choose full-sleeved but loose-fitting clothes. This will allow air to flow and keep the baby cool and comfortable.
  • Use a wide-brimmed cotton hat outdoors.

Choose diapers carefully and change them frequently

Heat can also cause rashes in diaper area, so you might want to use cloth diapers or give plenty of diaper free time.

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Keeping the baby in a well-ventilated room helps in keeping her comfortable. It is better than an air-conditioned room, which can cause dehydration. Also sweat glands in infants are still developing so they can get over-heated much faster than adults.

Keep baby hydrated

This is extremely important. If baby is still breast-feeding, feed on demand. You might notice that baby wants to feed more often but feeding duration could get shorter. For older babies, you might give small sips of water throughout the day. Give liquid-y items like soups, diluted juices etc if baby is not very keen on having water.


Keep an eye on urine output to make sure baby is getting enough breastmilk. If you see less than 3-4 wet diapers in 24 hours duration, you must increase fluid intake for baby.

These are some of the ways to counter the blazing heat at this time of the year in our part of the world. 

What do you do to make these hot months comfortable for your baby?

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