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Is it OK to say NO?

pic source: This is an interaction between a little girl of 4 years, let us call her G and her grandmother trying to feed her near the swings. Let’s call her D. G :  “I don’t want to eat.” D: “Sit in one place.” G: No D: Aren’t you a good girl? G: No D( in raised voice): Don’t you want to grow

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This Mother’s Day, Put Mommy Before Others

Putting other’s needs before their own comes naturally to women. It becomes even more so once they turn mothers. It is always children, husband, parents and other family members before their own needs. Quite often they put their own needs at back burner to make sure others in the family do not face any problem. So, they cook their children’s and husband’s favourite dishes

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5 Motherhood truths no one told you about

Motherhood is a blessing and every woman goes through a plethora of emotions when she enters this wonderful stage of womanhood. It is also a unique experience for each mother and if you talk to a group of women, you will find that each one of them will share unique yet relatable stories. In their latest campaign #momsunplugged, Himalaya FOR MOMS have beautifully captured

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How Becoming An Edupreneur Can Empower You As A Mother And a Woman

Many of you know that I used to be a software professional in my previous life, i.e., before motherhood. 🙂 After my daughter was born, I decided to take a break. But having worked for almost a decade, it wasn’t easy to just drop everything. This blog happened at that time, and one thing led to another. I have many friends who are in

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Happy Mother’s Day to my mother who will probably never read this post

This one is a special pic for me! It has my mother and my daughter who made me a mother!     My mother is a simple woman. I know she will laugh it off, when and if I actually wish her Happy Mother’s Day. It seems so trivial to express what she means to me. She is old and frail now but her

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Too many extra-curricular activities – Good or Bad?

Are we doing a Disservice to Children by providing too many Opportunities? As soon as X comes home from school, she wants to get out to play with her friends. She has siblings who she can play with at home. Only thing she has to worry about is her homework from school. There are barely any set activities barring maybe an occasional one. She

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8 things nobody tells you about becoming a parent

  When we go to a fancy electronics store & buy a superb product, it comes with an instruction manual. What I don’t understand is that women have been giving birth for centuries but no one has ever thought of writing down all the good & bad things that will happen after a baby is born. Hypothetically speaking, if such a manual ever existed,

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If parenting was a regular job?

    Being the first child & all, I was a pampered & a naughty little girl. I could never imagine how hard my parents had to work with me. I thought I was the one who had to learn everything from eating on my own, reading, tying shoe laces, doing home work & so much more! Not even in my wildest dreams did

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The ShishuWorld story

  Well, the pensive mood continues and I am today writing about a big leap that I took a few years back. Today I write the ShishuWorld story. How it came into being. That leap of faith, #StartANewLife, that life-changing moment of my life.  The time is around 5 years back. I was well-settled in my career. I had over 10 years of experience

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My moment of Optimism

I have been in a sort of introspective mood for past few days, with many things not going as I wanted. Facing some family crises and other issues, has left me pensive and thoughtful. It took me back almost 15 years when I was in a similar situation.

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