30 Creative, Unique First Birthday party Ideas for girls

Creative & Unique First Birthday Party ideas for girls that are not Princess or Cartoon Theme

First birthday party themes for Baby girl

30 No Princess/ No Cartoon themed Unique First Birthday party Ideas for girls

Creative & Unique First Birthday Party ideas for girls that are not Princess or Cartoon Theme – One of my dear friends is going to celebrate her little daughter’s 1 year birthday party in August and she has been going all out planning for the day. She wants the day to be unique and memorable for her friends and family and for the little one once she grows up and looks at the pictures. Well, one thing that she is very sure of is that she does not want a princess-themed  or a cartoon-themed birthday party. It means that all ideas like dora, sofia,minnie mouse, little mermaid, barbie etc. which I was just ready to shoot went out of the window.

First Birthday Party ideas for girls

So, we started making a list of all kinds of unique first birthday ideas/themes that are not princess or cartoon themed. So, I thought I will share them on ShishuWorld as well to help other mommies in a similar dilemma and help them in their research for unique birthday party ideas, which are a little “hat ke” and not the usual themes which you find at every second party.

Best part is all these themes and ideas can be easily adopted for both girl’s and boy’s first birthday parties.

  1. Summer Picnic themed 1 year birthday party theme

This idea is so creative and unique. You can have a picnic themed party in your own backyard or in a park.

first birthday party ideas for girls


2) Jungle themed first birthday party ideas

I have seen many jungle theme parties for boys but nothing stops us from having one for girls as well.



3) Strawberry themed 1 year birthday party ideas for girls

Strawberry, pink, sweetness overload –  it all fits, doesn’t it! What a lovely table for a strawberry themed first birthday party! Visit Birds Party for more ideas

strawberry1 strawberry2

4) Nursery rhymes themed birthday party ideas

Little ones love their nursery rhymes and what a cute idea to celebrate their first birthday around this theme.


Source: Little Party Love

5) Circus/Carnival themed birthday party for girls & boys

I remember attending a friend’s daughter’s circus themed party a few years back and what fun it was! Not just for the kids but also for the mummas and daddies!


Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

6) Butterfly themed first birthday party


Source: Kara’s party ideas

7) Bugs themed first birthday party ideas for girls


Source: Etsy.com

8) Arty Party themed first birthday party for girls

This is such great theme. Most children love doing art and craft and this can be super-hit theme, if you have an arty bent.



9) Rainbow themed first birthday party for girls

Rainbows are always a hit. They are colourful and every child loves them.


Source: Kara’s party Ideas

10) Lego themed first birthday party for girls & boys

Which child doesn’t love lego and this is another winning theme for a children’s party at any age.


Source: Little Party Love

11) Jelly Bean themed first birthday party ideas for girls

We loved this theme, so colourful and magical.



13) Candyland themed first birthday ideas

Candyland is almost synonymous to heaven for kids and what a cute theme for girls as well as boys.
Do check out Shilpa Shetty’s son Viaan Raj Kundra’s Candyland birthday party pics here



14) Pancake and Pajama themed first birthday party ideas

A pyjama party might sound like too much for a 1 year old, but if you look at these ideas you could actually pull it off.

pancake-pajama party


15) Barnyard themed first birthday party ideas for girls

Barnyard is another unique theme that you can try for your child’s 1 year birthday.



16) Summer Farm themed first birthday party ideas for girls

Similar to barnyard, you could have a farm themed party as well.


Source: Pinterest

17) Pink and Gold themed first birthday party ideas for girls

What a beautiful theme for a little girl- Pink and Gold.



18) The very hungry caterpillar themed first birthday party ideas for girls

Another favourite theme of ours for little ones. The very hungry caterpillar used to be one my baby’s favourite books. I wish I had thought of this theme for her first birthday. 🙂


Source: Pinterest

19) Bubble themed first birthday party ideas for girls

Every child big or small loves bubble. So if you have this theme, you can be rest assured your guests will have fun.



20) Zebra themed first birthday party ideas for girls

I have never yet seen a zebra themed birthday party yet. What a unique table setup.



21) Ladybug themed first birthday party ideas

We love ladybugs and we love this theme equally.


Source : Catchmyparty

22) Watermelon themed first birthday party ideas

Another unique theme- try this watermelon theme in your child’s next birthday party.



23) Underwater/ Ocean themed first birthday party ideas for girls

This too is a great theme. you may even have a large inflatable pool in your backyard for children to enjoy.

Strawberry themed first birthday party ideas

Source: Untumble

24) Tea time themed first birthday party ideas for girls

We love the decor and color combinations on this one.


25) Beach themed first birthday party ideas

Try this beach themed party theme for girls and boys both.



26) Chevron and Polka dots themed first birthday party ideas for girls

Polka dots suit little girls, don’t they!

polka dots-2

Source: Catch My Party

27) ABC themed first birthday party ideas

Another unique alphabet theme for 1 year birthday party


Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

28) Pumpkin themed first birthday party ideas


Source: Pinterest

29)  Dr. Seuss themed 1st birthday party

We love Dr. Seuss and are going to have this theme for the next birthday party at our place.



30) Flower Shop themed 1 year birthday party

first birthday party ideas for girls


I hope this will help you and your family in planning your little one’s birthday party and making it special and memorable. We would love to hear from you and any more themes that you want to add to this list. Do not forget to share if you like this article. It keeps us motivated and working hard.

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    All great theme. Except one never heard for others. I wanted to under ocean theme for my 3yr old baby girl. Where I can find all those stuff? we are living in a village of the small town. Now Amazon and flipcart are delivering low priced kinds of stuff.


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