100+ Cute and Unique Fancy Dress Ideas for kids

Fancy dress ideas for kids

Fancy dress is fun for kids and a joy for the parents. All year round, kids have to dress up for fancy dress competitions in school or halloween party or even themed birthday parties. Parents have to rack their brains for ideas on such occasions. We make your life easier by listing out over 100 fancy dress ideas for kids.

Cartoon characters themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Cartoon characters dresses are the easiest to find and are simplest to dress up too. Most kids have a favourite cartoon. You may choose that character so that they enjoy it even more.



Mickey Mouse/ Minnie Mouse

Mickie and minnie are eternal favourites and you can easily find the costumes anywhere. You can also DIY the costume if you have a polka dotted dress or skirt.

Dialog for child to say: “Welcome to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”

Donald Duck/ Daisy Duck

Similar to mickey and minnie, donald and daisy duck are very popular too.


Goofy is another favourite character, which you will not often find children dressed up as.

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the pooh is super cute and this bear is easily recognisable by everyone. Give a pot of his favourite honey as a prop.

Child can say, “What’s for lunch”.

Dora the Explorer

Dora the explorer is another very popular character and it is very easy to dress little girls as Dora. Get her trademark pink t-shirt and orange shorts. You can find or DIY the backpack and map. A monkey along will form the perfect costume.

Dialog: The child can sing the “We did it song”.

Handy Manny, Doraemon, Chhota Bheem/ Chutki, Tom Cat/ Jerry Mouse, Disney Princesses 

Cinderella, Goldilocks, Bella, Jasmine, Ariel, Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna

Girls would love to dress up as any of the disney’s many princesses.


Barbie is also a favourite with little girls.

Books / Fairy-tales characters themed fancy dress ideas for kids


To dress up as Cinderella , you will need to dress up your little one in a long gown and transparent or silver slippers.

Dialog: “It is midnight. I need to go”

Little Red Riding Hood

Dress your little one in a dress and a red hood. Give a basket of goodies as the prop.

Dialog: “My granny is not feeling well. I am carrying a bunch of goodies for her to make her feel better”


To dress your child as Noddy, you will need, red shirt, blue shorts and yellow scarf around the neck. A blue pointy hat and red shoes complete the costume. You can also give a toy steering to show the car.

Dialog: “Taxi, taxi!!Who wants a ride in my car?”



We love Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. Get a Gruffalo costume and your child is sure to get extra points for uniqueness.

Dialog: “I am Gruffalo!!”

With terrible claws and terrible teeth in my terrible jaws?

I have knobbly knees, and turned-out toes, and a poisonous wart at the end of my nose.

My eyes are orange, my tongue is black; I have purple prickles all over my back.”


Big, bad wolf

Big, bad wolf from the “Three little bears” is another iconic character.

Dialog “I will huff, I will puff and I will blow your house down”.

Pinnochio, Aladdin


Art themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Box of crayons, Paint brush, Pencil,  Eraser




Fruit themed fancy dress ideas for kids


We DIYed a grapes costumes for our daughter with felt and green balloons. It was a hit and she got first prize.


You can cut a mango shape out of the yellow chart paper, put a green hat and mango costume is ready.

Other simple fruits costumes can be

Banana, Apple, Strawberry, Pineapple, Watermelon


Vegetable themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Carrot, Potato, Peas, Pumpkin, Brinjal, Tomato


Animal themed fancy dress ideas for kids

If the theme is animals, then the choice is endless. From wild animals to domestic animals, you may choose from a number of options.

Giraffe, Lion, Tiger, Cow, Mouse, Cat, Elephant, Zebra


Aquatic animals themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Aquatic animals have plenty of variety and you can choose from the below options which can be made easily.

Jelly fish, Octopus, Starfish, Whale, Dolphin


Bird themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Birds fancy dress costumes can also be easily DIYed or rented.


We did this simple DIY peacock costume.



Koel/ Crow

Koel or crow costume  can be easily made with black t-shirt and tights. Make beak with black chart paper.


Bugs themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Bugs are also very popular options for fancy dress costumes. They are colourful and each have their distinct feature which can be taught to children.


Dress your child up in a pretty dress and make her wear colourful wings and antennae.


You can also DIY a ladybird costume by sticking red fabric or paper with black polka dots. Attach the wings to the back of a black t-shirt. Make antennas using black hairband and black pipe cleaners.


Use paper to make snail’s shell.


Bee is another popular bug costume.


Nature/ Environment themed fancy dress ideas for kids

If the theme is nature or environment then you have the scope to do something unique.


You can make a cut out of cloud out of card board or card paper and attach ribbons for easy wearing. For added effect, you may even stick cotton


This is also a very easy costume to DIY.

Save Water

Make water drops and give placards with slogans like “Save water”, “Water is life” etc.

Save Earth



Mythological characters/ God themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Krishna, Ram, Ganesha, Shiva, Saraswati, Laxmi, Sita, Radha, Hanuman, Durga

Super hero themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, HeMan, Shaktiman etc.


Historical characters themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Rani Laxmi bai, Shivaji, Mangal Pandey, Asoka etc.


Transport themed fancy dress ideas for kids

You can dress your kids as Car, Aeroplane, Traffic light, Traffic policeman, Bus, Driver, School bus for transport themed fancy dress.


Community Helper themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Doctor, Chef, Vegetable seller, Police man, Soldier, Teacher, Fire Man, Nurse, Air- hostess, Pilot, Taxi Driver, Farmer are some good ideas for community helper themed fancy dress ideas for kids.


Food themed fancy dress ideas for kids

Burger, Candy, Glass of milk, Cupcakes


Independence Day/ Republic Day themed fancy dress ideas for kids

We have listed many Indian Independence Day/ Republic Day themed costumes here.

This list is not complete by any means. Do you have any more ideas that can be a part of this list? comment and let us know, so that we can make this an even more exhaustive list.

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