How to buy baby formula- Types of Formula

How to buy baby formula?

Which formula is the best for my baby?

How to buy baby formula – When you go to the market to buy formula for your baby, the vast amount of choice can overwhelm you completely. Different types of infant formula are available in market and they must be used after discussion with baby’s doctor.

How to buy baby formula


There are various types of formula like ready to use formula, concentrated formula and powder formula. In India, powder formula is available widely and is also used by most people. Powdered formula is also more economical that the other two options.

Cow’s milk based formula

Most formulas available in market are cow-milk based. They are usually the first choice for most babies.

This does not mean that cow’s milk can be given to baby during the first year. These formula are chemically altered to make them resemble closely to breastmilk. Formula is easily digestible so that baby can get the best possible nutrition next to breastmilk. Baby’s immature digestive system is not ready to digest the protein in cow’s milk.

There are many different brands available in the market and you must check with your doctor when deciding what to give your baby. Some of the popular brands of formula in market are lactogen, nanpro, similac, enfamil etc.


Soy-based formula

Soy-based formula is made from soy beans and many brands are available in market now. Usually, if your doctor determines that your baby is lactose-intolerant or is not able to digest cow milk based formula, he may prescribe a soy-based formula. Lactose is a natural sugar present in milk and if baby is not able to digest this sugar, s/he is lactose intolerant. Soy based formula will have some other added sugar, thus making it possible for baby to digest.


Hypo-allergenic formula

Some babies are allergic to milk-based as well as soy-based formula. They are not able to digest the protein present in milk or soya. For such babies, doctor may recommend a hypo-allergenic formula. In these formulas, protein are broken down into basic elements thus making them easier to digest.

If you have a history of lactose intolerance or milk allergy in your family, you must discuss it with baby’s doctor.

How to make formula for baby

It will depend on the type of formula that you use. If you use ready-to use formula, you do not have to do anything. Just pour into the sterilised bottle and it is ready to drink.

Concentrated formula can be diluted with boiled and cooled water to make appropriate feed.

Powdered formula need to be diluted with appropriate amount of water. They come with measured scoops to make the feed.

  • Boil drinking water and cool it to lukewarm.
  • Now take measured amount of water in sterilised bottle and add the correct number of levelled scoops of formula to the water.
  • Stir and shake it well to make a homogenous mixture.


Precautions while using formula for baby

  • Be care about the dates when using formula for baby. Check the expiry date while buying the formula.
  • Follow the instructions carefully. Most powdered formula recommend using up the powder within 4 weeks of opening the pack. Discard if any formula is left in the pack after the time has passed.
  • Some formula can cause constipation in babies. If you feel so, check with your doctor to find another brand which will suit your baby better.


Constipation in babies

How to know if baby is getting enough formula?


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