34 Must-haves in First-Aid box for Toddlers / Baby Health kit


Baby toddler First-aid/ healthKit

Toddlers become increasingly more social and active as they grow, but this also means contacting more germs and frequency of falling sick or getting injured goes up as well. In a home with a toddler, it is essential to have some basic first-aid and medicines in the medicine cabinet. Ensure that it well-stocked and keep checking from time-to-time to replace supplies as they get over or expire. As soon as your baby starts sitting and moving, ensure that you have this health kit or first-aid kit ready and handy.


You can find ready-made first-aid boxes in medical shops but it is very easy to make your own. It also ensures you can have stuff which is not commonly available in off-the-shelf health kits.

First of all, choose a large and flat plastic or metallic box. You can then use small partitions to store different components. It should have some basic stuff like below.

 Improve immunity of toddlers

Tools in a Baby/ Toddler Health Kit/ first-aid kit

  1. A medicine dropper or measuring spoonTools in baby/toddler first-aid kit
  2. Digital thermometer to take temperature
  3. Bulb syringe or nasal aspirator to clear a congested nose
  4. Small safety scissors for cutting bandages, tapes etc.
  5. Baby’s nail cutter
  6. A pair of forceps or tweezers to take out splinters
  7. A small bottle of vaseline/ petroleum jelly to lubricate tools
  8. A small flashlight or torch to look inside mouth, ears, nose etc.
  9. A small bottle of sterilizer to clean hands before handling wounds


Bandages, wipes and cotton in Baby/ Toddler Health Kit/ first-aid kit

  1. Sterilized cotton pads or balls for cleaning, Badages in baby/toddler first-aid kitbandaging etc.
  2. Cotton buds or q-tips
  3. Bandages of different sizes
  4. Adhesive tapes
  5. Elastic bandage or crepe bandage
  6. Antiseptic wipes to clean wounds easily
  7. Alcohol wipes to clean hands and equipment like thermometer etc.



 Medicines and Ointments in Baby/ Toddler Health Kit/ first-aid kit

  1. Antiseptic solution to clean scratches or wounds. Label it with instructions on how to dilute it in such a way so that Medicines in baby/toddler first-aid kitnoone using it can miss them. Undiluted antiseptic solutions can even cause burns.
  2. Oral Rehydration Solution specially meant for children for rehydration in case of diaorrhea or fever. You can find solutions in various flavours like apple, orange etc to please children.
  3. Nasal saline solution.  Though you can make your own saline solutions by sterilizing water and adding salt it is best to use off-the-shelf solutions as there is a chance of contamination in the former.
  4. Liquid crocin or calpol as prescribed by doctor
  5. An anti-allergic antihistamine for allergic reactions as per doctor’s prescription
  6. Calamine lotion to ease itching in case of mosquito bites or rashes
  7. Antiseptic cream or lotion
  8. Anti-burn lotion or cream
  9. Other prescription medicines like cough syrup, cold medicines etc.


Emergency Numbers in Baby/ Toddler Health Kit/ first-aid kit

  1. Paeditrician’s phone number 
  2. Your or your spouse’s phone number
  3. Other phones numbers like that of a trusted neighbour or friend to be contacted in case of emergency


Other than above stuff, you must always keep ice in your refrigerator when you have babies or kids around. An ice-pack can be the best first-aid or cure in case of minor bumps and injuries.

Keep the first-aid box in a place which is out of reach of children but is labelled or easily locatable by adults even in your absence. 

In addition to a big health kit for your house, you can also make a smaller first-aid kit for your car or baby’s diaper bag.



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