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What to do if you have Preeclampsia?

Proper prenatal care is important for all pregnant women and regular checkups can help in detecting the condition early. If your doctor sees some or most of these symptoms, s/he may get alerted and start treatment.

If there is moderate rise in blood pressure, you will be advised to take as much bed rest as possible and regular, maybe daily monitoring of your blood pressure and fetus. If blood pressure becomes too high, you may be admitted to hospital where your condition can be more closely monitored.

Can Preeclampsia be cured ?

Although some precautions and medications can be taken to control the condition, there is no complete cure and the only option is to deliver the baby using labor-induction or caesarean section as soon as the baby is mature enough for delivery. If baby is not mature enough and mother’s condition get worse then fetus may need to be aborted.

However, in most cases women suffering from preeclampsia recover completely after delivery.

If Uncontrolled ?

If the condition goes undetected and uncontrolled, it may progress to Eclampsia, which is a much more serious condition. Eclampsia can lead to seizures and coma and can be life-threatening.

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