How to survive a colicky baby? Few tips and tricks for surviving Colic!

Tips to survive colic

I still remember the time when my daughter was only two or three months old and she used to cry inconsolably for two or three hours every evening. Those were the few days when I got extremely exhausted with her. I felt so helpless and could not maintain my sanity. To be very honest, I was no longer able to enjoy the beautiful phase of motherhood.

Early morning my little girl used to wake up all happy and cheerful. I used to nurse her, massage her, give a bath and she slept peacefully throughout the day like an angel. But just as the clock used to struck 8:30 or 09:00 pm, she would start with twists and turns in sleep and then began crying session for hours. Yes, it even happened that she cried for three hours straight. Me and my husband tried all kinds of soothing strategies but all failed.

How to survive a colicky baby


We ran to the pediatrician to understand the cause of her crying. The pediatrician unfortunately couldn’t give us any magic pill . He said she was suffering from mild colic pain and colicky babies usually cry at the same time everyday. As per the pediatrician it will subside on its own by fourth or fifth month and prescribed a medicine.


Causes of Colic

It’s said that indigestion may be the cause of colic, but the exact causes are largely unknown.

If you are a breastfeeding mom and your baby cries of colic pain, please check your own diet. Some changes may help the baby.

If on formula milk then paediatrician can suggest some changes and recommend something different which may suit the baby.

There are anti colic bottles available in market. Those bottles can be tried if baby is bottle fed.

It’s extremely difficult and challenging for parents to handle a colicky baby. All it needs is patience. If you have a fair idea about the symptoms of colic it will be much easier to deal with the baby. With time we as parents could handle her well.
So today I’ll share few tips and tricks to handle a colic baby.


Few tips to soothe a colicky baby

First thing is visit a paediatrician and mention the way your baby cries. Some baby  cries with frequent session of vomiting . So let the paediatrician rule out the exact cause.

If you are sure baby is crying due to colic pain, try to hold him or her upright and walk out of the room. Fresh air or different atmosphere sometimes help.

Try massaging baby’s tummy. Gently but firmly press the tummy.

Rotate knees gently clockwise around the tummy, like a cycling movement. It helps many a times.

Please do not get impatient if massaging fails. Try to put baby on tummy position and gently rub the back.

In some cases swaddling and rocking helps. Try to swaddle baby correctly and rock gently with some light music on.

Try some white noise. Personally it never worked with me.


Are there any medications which can be used to relieve colic

BioGaia Protectis baby drops are very popular worldwide for treating a lot of baby’s problems like colic and other discomfort. Good news is, it has now been launched in India as well by Dr. Reddy’s.

Protectis baby drops are basically probiotic drops which introduce healthy bacteria in baby’s gut to relieve gas and aid digestion. Colic is most often a direct consequence of gas in tummy, which can be treated with this.


In what age Protectis be given?

Protectis baby drops are completely safe for newborn babies and can be given as early as a few days old baby.

What is the dosage for BioGaia Protectis baby drops?

The dosage is 5 drops once per day irrespective of the age.

How can we give Protectis baby drops to baby?

Protectis baby drops have no flavour, so you can give them directly with a spoon or mix it with any food, before bottle formula or breastmilk. The food that you mix it with should not be hot as heat can kill the probiotics. It can be cold or room temperature.

Is Protectis baby drops the same as gripe water?

It is not same as gripe water, neither is it a spot gas treatment. It works by making baby’s gut healthy and helping in digestion thus helping with issues like colic, gas pains and  constipation.

What not to do with a colicky baby

  • Please don’t get upset and overtired and try to shake the baby with the intention to make him or her stop the tears. That won’t help or rather cause Brain damage.
  • Do not leave the crying baby unattended. If you’re tired please get help from partner.
  • Don’t try any forceful means to put baby to sleep. It will worsen the condition. 


My daughter suffered colic pain for two to three months. Some kids suffer for nine months even. Its extremely tiring for parents and whoever face this will understand.  My daughter is always a good sleeper and as I said she used to get up from deep sleep when she was in pain. After three months she was happy go lucky girl. So I conclude with this and lastly moms and dads please be patient when you have a colicky baby because this will get better with time.


This article has been contributed by Sagarika Das.

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13 Replies to “How to survive a colicky baby? Few tips and tricks for surviving Colic!”

  1. Rachna Parmar says:

    My older child suffered from colic when he was a little baby. I used to make sure to burp him after every feed. Gripe water also helped.

  2. Alpana Deo says:

    This is a very important and helpful article. Parents are clueless and if they know this is expected and can be handled with patience and guidance, the process becomes smooth.

  3. Shruti Bhat says:

    I remember when my daughter was a baby.she was colicky and would cry endlessly. It really makes you totally helpless. This will surely help lot of moms n babies.

  4. Smitha says:

    Massaging with ghee helps a lot.. I used to do this when kids were small

  5. Gunjan says:

    These are some amazing tips. We too tried yummy time and making my baby sleep on pillow. White noise too never worked for us.

  6. Mahak says:

    Colic can be very stressful for new parents. What’s helped me was keeping my baby close and a lot of tummy time on me

  7. Rohini James says:

    I faced this to some extent with my second kid and I know how you must have felt. Glad to know there are some probiotic drops available to help with colic pain.


    My baby was a colicky baby and burping after every feeding session was the only relief .It was my job to feed the baby and burping was my hubby job.I never tried any drops but glad to know about this one.

  9. Kavita Singh says:

    I am going to share it with my other mommy friends, I am sure this will help many.

  10. Smita says:

    My son didn’t suffer from colic much but sometimes when it did happened asfortida rub on the tummy worked. Glad to know about this drop, will be a relief for colicky babies

  11. Surbhi Mahobia says:

    My elder one was a colic baby. We had some really rough nights with her. Can’t believe we went through all of that by just the use of hing or asafoetida. These drops sound good. Will surely come handy to the parents looking for a solution.


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