Make CD Spinners with Mad Stuff with Rob

Summer vacations are just about halfway through and I like to do some sort of creative activity with A at least once or  twice a week. We made some patchwork animals this week again. It also means we have to find new activities to interest her.

Now, I was in the look out for some interesting and fun activity to do yesterday and checked out #MadstuffwithRob. Yes, the MadMadRob’s  youtube channel which is full of great ideas and best part is they are making new videos regularly, so you get some awesome ideas.

Yesterday being the Earth Day, they uploaded a great recycle activity. A already knows about recycling and can recognize the green triangle anywhere. These days, every time she sees an empty box or bottle, she usually says “What can we make with it” or “Let us recycle it”. 🙂

Recycle CDs to spinners

So, anyway we decided to do this simple activity where Rob made  a super-cool top using an old CD, a bottle cap and a marble. We have plenty of CDs and bottle caps,but no marble, so we used A’s playdough to make a small ball and used. Not ideal, but it did the job. You could also use a small plastic ball instead.

Things you Need

An old CD

A bottle cap

A marble, small plastic ball or any round object to act as base of the top


A black permanent marker

How To:

Using the glue, stick the bottle cap to the center of the shiny side of the CD.

Now stick the marble to the center of the other side.

Let it dry for some time.

Now using the permanent marker, draw spiral lines on the cap and then continue on to the shiny surface of the CD.

TADA, your child’s shiny new toy is ready. Spin it and see the magic.

View the original video here:

Do let us know if you tried this or if you have made your own recycle projects.

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