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Himalaya Prickly Heat Powder for Babies – Review

Himalaya prickly heat powder for babies Last month was special for me. I was not as regular in posting because I was occupied with preparing for my younger brother’s wedding. Well, it was a lot of fun and now I am back to the grind. Well, the wedding was in North India and I spent a lot of time shopping in Delhi markets. My

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Crane Humidifiers Review

Winter is the season when most mothers brace themselves for repeated visits to doctors. Young kids below the age of five are known to catch as many as 5-6 colds per year on an average. As soon as the weather starts getting nippy, we begin resorting to home remedies to ensure our little ones do not fall sick.  

Jungle Magic Lunch Packz Review

As a mother I am very particular about clean hands and thankfully my daughter is aware too and it’s a habit now with her to wash hands before we sit for a meal. I am sure most mothers follow the same. But, what about school? How can we be sure that kids have washed hands before they start eating.

Review of “The GingerBread Man” by LadyBird

We recently ordered Read It Yourself with LadyBird series level 2. The level 2 of this series is meant for beginner readers who can read small sentences. Even though my DD is not quite at that stage, I read the books to her and she loves them. Here is a review of the timeless classic “ The Gingerbread Man”of this series. What we got?

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Disneyland HongKong Review

Disneyland is a dreamland for every kid and my husband and I wanted to visit one with our 2 and half years old daughter Aanya. We recently travelled to China and Hong Kong and it was a good opportunity to visit Disneyland. Since there is no Disneyland resort in India, Hong Kong resort is the nearest one.. Below is a review of our visit.

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