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Is regular spitting up a problem ?

Young babies spit up a little of feed almost regularly. It is not dangerous. If you baby is happy and content after spit up, there is no problem.

However, if baby vomits large amounts regularly and cries after feeding regularly, it could be a problem of acid relux and you should consult a doctor.

Also, if your baby’s growth is on track, it is usually alright and baby will soon outgrow this.

Is my baby hungry because he spit-up his feed ?

There is no need to feed baby again after a spit-up. Most probably, it is the excess amount that got spit out. Spit-ups appear a lot more than the actual amount. If the baby is happy after spit-up and does not mind, don’t feed.  Only if baby demands feeding, feed again.

How long does it last ?

Spitting up is common in earlier months and it gradually gets better as baby grows and is better by the time baby is 5-6 months. in some babies, it may last longer but that too is ok.

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