Dates Rasayana


Today’s recipe in spotlight is Dates Rasayana by Shridevi ThiruMalesh.


Dates Rasayana

Contributed by Shridevi Thirumalesh


Dates Rasayana is her innovation of a traditional South Canara dish called Rasayana.

She says:

Rasayana is a simple dessert, which is prepared in South Canara homes. Whenever, we had excess ripe bananas , my mother used to prepare rasayana, which is devoured by everyone at home. This is similar to kheer or payasam, but ingredients used are raw. No boiling /cooking is required in making of rasayana. It can be served either chilled or cool.


Dates Rasayana


Some time back, I added dates to ice cream and it tasted very good. So, I started using dates along with other dry fruits in all the sweet dishes, which enhanced the flavour & taste. That led me to try out dates alone in case of rasayana. Hence, the idea of dates rasayana came into my mind.


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Dates (dry, deseeded): 25 Nos

Fresh coconut (grated): 1 Cup

Water: 1 Cup

Jaggery Powder : 2 Spoons

Cardamom : 2 Nos



1. Chop de-seeded dates & keep aside.
2. Grind grated coconut & cardamom with water till smooth paste.
3. Extract coconut milk from the coconut smooth paste by placing them on cloth & squeezing them.
4. Grind jaggery powder with coconut milk till jaggery completely dissolves in coconut milk.
5.Add chopped dates to jaggery-coconut milk (Step 4) & mix well.
6. Serve at room temperature or serve chilled.

Note :
– Adjust jaggery according to your taste.
-You can try mango / chikoo (Sapodilla) / mixed fruits rasayana instead of dates. (Avoid citrus fruits.)
– You can add dry fruits of your choice.



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