Ensuring your baby’s good night’s sleep


Two of every new mother’s biggest concerns are :

> If baby is feeding well

> If baby is sleeping  well


These are also among the most common queries that we receive. Sleep is perhaps the most important because a baby, who has had a good night’s sleep, is happy and chirpy the next morning and shows interest in playing as well as eating.


One of the biggest sleep-disturbers is wetness at night. Most babies pee at least 1-2 times during night and it becomes very important to use a good diaper. I used a combination of cloth diapers and disposables for my daughter. I always used disposables during her naps and at night and of course when we were going out. The most important aspect of a diaper is to keep the baby dry and comfortable. In case of most diapers, moisture does not come out but the wetness remains inside.


Like most moms, I too have gone through the phase of experimentation where I have tried different brands of diapers just to make sure that my little one gets most comfort and peaceful sleep. And it was during one such experiment, that my daughter got rashes (only time during the almost three years she was in diapers). Thankfully, it was only a mild rash which healed quickly with some air time and some over the counter rash cream.  In most cases I found that even though the diaper appeared dry outside, there was wetness inside, which used to irritate her delicate skin.

And after trying different brands once, I kept coming back to my favorite then and even now, Pampers. Every morning I would check her diaper to see if she had peed during her sleep and I would get a diaper that was dry inside, not because she had not wet it but because its magic gel absorbed all the moisture. Once she started standing up, I shifted her to Pampers Baby dry pants. They were comfortable, easy to put on and kept her dry, well-rested and active through the day. I also used those when she started playschool and never had any accident. She was and is a very active child and I don’t remember her having any trouble due to her diapers.



Tips to ensure your baby sleeps well at night and is free from rashes.

Use a good quality diaper which absorbs moisture completely and does not leave baby’s skin wet.

Change diapers frequently.

Give some airtime every day.

So which diaper do you prefer for your baby?



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