What your Baby’s Zodiac Sign might say about her personality

Baby’s zodiac sign or star signs can tell a lot about your child’s personality. Lets have a look how the astrologer predicts for your baby.

Aquarius Baby – Babies born between  Jan 20 – Feb 18.

The babies in this period mostly are extremely creative and turn out to be great scientists and inventors.

They are extremely caring for the world. My own daughter is an aquarius and I see a lot of these traits in her.

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Pisces Baby – Babies born between  Feb 19 – Mar 20.

Just like the fishes these babies are soft and sensitive. They would be quite emotional, but also creative and compassionate. They are also dreamers and need to be nudged to come out of their dreamlands.

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Aries Baby – Babies born between  Mar 21 – Apr 19.

Babies in this period are the true leaders of the society. They show strength, subtlety and have the ability to inspire others. Keep a watch on these future leaders.

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Taurus – Babies born between  Apr 20 – May 20.

The babies with the wildest love for the nature and surroundings. These babies are mostly calm and quiet and 

Bollywood celebrity – Madhuri Dixit,Pooja Bedi


Gemini – Babies born between  May 21 – June 20.

Well you have among the most smartest babies. Always in search of smart work.

Bollywood celebrity – Paresh Rawal, Shilpa Shetty


Cancer – Babies born between  June 21 – July 22.

Babies in these period are extremely sensitive and affectionate. They are very emotional as well.

Bollywood celebrity – Naseeruddin Shah, Karishma Kapoor


Leo – Babies born between  July 23 – Aug 22.

Well you need to treat them like prince or princess. They always will create an aura of majesty.

Bollywood celebrity – Saif Ali Khan , Rakhee


Virgo – Babies born between  Aug 23 – Sep 22.

The nature loving babies who will care for the environment and be the protector for ever.

Bollywood celebrity – Rishi Kapoor,Shabana Azmi


Libra – Babies born between  Sep 23 – Oct 22.

Well the baby of harmony and peace is here. Creates a tranquilizing affect.

Bollywood celebrity – Sunny Deol, Rekha


Scorpio – Babies born between  Oct 23 – Nov 21.

The mysterious babies. You will just enjoy unravelling these secretive lot.

Bollywood celebrity – Shahrukh Khan, Zeenat Aman


Sagittarius – Babies born between  Nov 22 – Dec 21.

Babies with this sign would be the most knowledgable and distinguidhed scholar.

Bollywood celebrity – Rajnikant,Shekhar Kapoor


Capricorn – Babies born between Dec 22 – Jan 19.

These are the determined babies too serious with themsleves. Extremely powerful will takes them through.

Bollywood celebrity – Javed Akhtar, Sonali Bendre



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