What is the right way to burp a baby after feeding?

How to burp a baby after feeding?

What is the right way to burp a baby after feed?

Is it important to burp a baby?

Is it more common for bottle-fed babies to have wind troubles?

The first few moths of parenting are full of anxieties. As a first time parent, you do not want to make a mistake. To am experienced mother, burping is nothing to worry about, but many first time mothers, including me, find it difficult to burp baby after feeding. 

Burping a Baby


What is a burp? Why does one need to burp baby?

When a baby feeds, she also takes in some air along with the milk. This is the same as how adults take in air with food when they eat too fast or with their mouth open. The wind gets stuck in the food pipe or oesophagus and is relieved in the form of burp.

This wind or swallowed up air can cause discomfort to baby and can also be a cause of colic. To relieve any air trapped in baby’s passages, one should burp the baby during and after every feed. Here we will discuss the right way to burp a baby and benefits of doing so.

What is the right way to burp a baby after feeding?


Why is it important to burp a baby?

When a baby sucks on breast or nipple to feed, she also swallows some amount of air, which can make baby feel uncomfortable and full which means she will not feed enough. Burping is the process to gently dislodge the excess air and bring it up, so baby can feel comfortable and have more milk comfortably.

If your baby has a problem of acid reflux or GERD, then it is important that you burp your baby  often during a feed.


Is it more common for bottle-fed babies to have wind troubles? 

Yes, it is more common because bottle do have air in them, while breasts will not have any air. Still even breastfed babies swallow some amount of air while feeding. Ensure that baby does not keep sucking on an empty bottle to avoid too much air getting sucked. 

Also remember that not every baby burps after every feeding. Some babies may burp quite often while others may not burp as frequently.

When should you burp your baby?

Ideally you should burp your baby as soon as she finishes feeding. This may also bring back some amount of milk or spit up. This is normal.  Do not worry as long as it is only a small amount and baby is not vomiting. See spit up vs. vomiting. Put a cloth on your shoulder to save your clothes when this happens.

If your baby seems fussy or uncomfortable while feeding, you may burp the baby and then settle her again to feed. If you breastfeed, you may burp once after she finishes feeding from one breast then put her to other one and  burp again when is done.

What is the right way to burp baby?

There are more than one ways of burping a baby. Not every baby burps in every position, so you should choose what works for you and your baby.

Burp baby on the shoulder/ upright position to burp a baby

This is perhaps the most common position to burp a baby. Hold baby against your shoulder with one hand and use the other hand to gently pat or rub the back to get a burp out.


Burp baby face down on your lap

Gently lay the baby on your lap supporting her head so that it higher than the body and stomach is gently pressured against your lap or legs.


Burp baby sitting on your lap

Sit the baby down on your lap supporting the head and gently rub or pat the back.

In all these positions make sure that baby’s head is well-supported and it does not flop down or back.


How long should one try to get a burp from baby?

A burp may come within few seconds of your rubbing baby’s back or it may take several minutes. If baby does not burp straightaway, you may continue up to ten minutes.


What if a burp does not come?

Most babies will reward you with a burp within a few seconds to a few minutes of patting. 

If a burp does not come by ten minutes of your trying, it may mean that baby did not swallow much air and you could stop trying.

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