Baby not eating Porridge

Hi Ma,

My 8 month old son doesn’t like to eat porridge.tried adding mild seasoning but effect. Both vege or non vege porridge he doesn’t take.feeding him is very challenging. I started cereal when he was 6 month. He doesn’t like spoon fed cereal but thru bottle he drinks. Tried giving porridge thru bottle he doesn’t like either. He likes to taste adult can I make him eat porridge happily without crying?

 Geeta Ramasamy

Hi Geeta,

At 8 months your baby can have a lot of different food. If he does not like porridge, do not force it upon him. You can try lots of other healthy things and your baby is sure to like some. You can find plenty of suitable recipes here :

If he likes adult food, you can just make sure, you grind or mash it well and do not add too much spice and then you may give the same to him. Also, it may not be a good idea to feed cereal through bottle. Please talk to your doctor about it.

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