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Toddler Nutrition Guide/ Healthy Diet Chart for Children

Toddler nutrition guide Healthy diet for toddler How to plan toddler meals?  How much should my baby eat? Easy Toddler Meals Food suggestions for toddlers  Nutritional needs for toddlers   Toddler nutrition guide – Toddlers nutrition needs are very different from infants. It is important that they eat a wide variety of food items, but it is up to the baby to eat how

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How to Replace Milk in Toddler’s Diet

My 2 year old toddler does not like milk. He hardly has 100 ml throughout the day. How can I give healthy replacements to milk to ensure he gets enough calcium and protein?

Top 10 tips to Celebrate Safe Holi with kids

  Holi, the festival of colors is just round the corner and it is one of the most-waited festivals in India. It is a fun festival specially for kids since they can get wet to their heart’s desire and play with color with their friends.   But there are common and justified worries of parents related to this wonderful festival. Let us take a

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5 Best TV shows that you can let your Toddlers watch

Are there any good TV shows for toddlers?   Entertaining and educational TV shows for toddlers   TV shows for toddlers – Yes, this one is a post about the dreaded idiot box. As a young, first-time mom, I am always concerned about anything that my child is exposed to. One of the necessary evils of our generation is the television. I know there

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17 Fun Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy

Toddlers are busy bodies and their attention spans are short. They get bored easily and keeping them busy can be a challenge. Buying loads of expensive toys is not the answer. Instead a bit of imagination and time can go a long distance. Here we enlist some easy to-do activities which will keep the tots busy and make them learn something in the process.

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Choking Risks in Toddlers/ Dangerous items which can cause choking in kids

A toddler is way more competent eater when compared to a baby, but there are still certain items which should be off limits as they can pose choking risks. Read more on foods to avoid during first year. Large chunks of food Even though your tot is capable of handling most food and there is no need to puree food, large chunks of food

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Top tips for Encouraging Good Food Hygiene in toddlers, kids

  As important as it is to serve and eat healthy food, equally important is to maintain and teach good food hygiene and cleanliness to kids. Toddlers are the right age to instil basic habits of hygiene and cleanliness.       Today, we share some basic good food hygiene habits that must start installing in young kids as early as toddlers. Show your

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