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This section holds recipes for babies between 6 months to 12 months. These recipes are in addition to our recipes in
Recipes for 6-9 months old babies
Recipes for 10-12 months old babies

Homemade date syrup for babies, kids: Natural sweetener for infants

Homemade date syrup for babies, kids How to make dates syrup for babies How to make dates syrup at home How can we sweeten baby food without adding sugar One of the most common queries that I receive is how to sweeten baby’s food, when it is recommended that we avoid sugar specially refined sugar in baby’s food. There are many ways in which

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10 Simple Vegetable Puree Recipes for Baby

 10 Simple & mixed Vegetable Puree Baby Food Recipes  Vegetable puree baby food recipe – When a baby close to 6 months old, her parents and other caregivers start worrying about starting solid food for her. Most paediatricians recommend exclusive breast feeding till age of 6 months and then starting solid food gradually. Do check out the weekly meal plan for 6 months baby. 6 months baby

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Spinach Poha – Baby Food Recipe for 7 months+

Spinach poha recipe for baby – I have been getting so many requests for new baby food recipes and I know that our readers love them the most. I am working very hard on our Youtube channel and I record and publish 3 new videos every week, which might sometime mean, there are not enough updates on ShishuWorld. Our channel has been growing at

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Poha & date kheer & 3 poha recipes for babies, toddlers, kids

Poha recipes for babies, toddlers & kids Poha date kheer Poha porridge Poha cereal recipe   Poha or beaten rice/ flattened rice is common food item present in every Indian kitchen. It is known by different names in different parts of India. It is known as chivda/ chuda in North India, chire in Eastern India, avalakki in Kannada, aval in Tamil and Malayalam, poha/ paunva in West India.

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Banana Suji halwa / Sheera for Babies- Weaning recipes

Banana Suji Halwa / Semolina Pudding for Babies – Weaning Recipe Apple Suji Kheer & Apple and Ragi halwa are among our most popular recipes for babies with our khichdi recipes. Many readers have written to me to include weaning recipe with banana and rawa, so here we are with banana suji halwa or sheera. This is a perfect weaning recipe for babies around

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Apple Ragi Halwa for Babies

After the success and popularity of Suji and Apple kheer, I received many requests for more apple recipes.  Ragi or nachni is a super food and we have earlier too shared 3 ways to prepare ragi porridge for babies and 10 ragi breakfast recipes for kids, which are very popular too. So, this time I thought of combining the two and came up with

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Dal ka Paani/ Moong dal/ Lentil soup for infants

  When my daughter was about 4-5 months old and I started researching about what are the best first-foods to give her once she turned six months, I received many advices. One suggestion that I got from almost everyone was daal ka paani. From my mother and mother-in-law to doctor and friends, many advised to start with it as first food.      

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Homemade Instant Khichdi cereal/ Dal rice cereal for babies/ Travel baby food

    Feeding homemade food to babies is common in India but packaged food and purees have made forays into our homes. At a time, when most western nations are recognising the benefits of eating homemade which is fresh as well as natural, we are getting allured by the ease of pre-packaged cereal and baby food. You might remember that we did a post

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Pumpkin and Potato Mash/Puree(6-9 months old Babies)

Pumpkin and potato mash/puree is an easy and simple dish which can be given to babies who have started solids recently. Both potato and pumpkin are usually non-allergenic, so this mash is usually safe to give to babies experiencing their first foods. But it is best to be careful when you are introducing any new food for the first time.

Apple Suji Kheer/ Rawa(Semolina) porridge for babies

Apple Suji Kheer for Babies – Homemade Baby food   Apple Suji Kheer for babies-Sooji kheer/ Rawa payasam was my daughter’s favorite food when she was a baby and still loves that slightly thin milky porridge with raisins as well as the suji halwa. Suji is easy and quick to cook, easily digestible and is almost always available in most Indian homes. A lot

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