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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For children, it is even more important that they start their day with a healthy and filling breakfast. In this section we look at some breakfast recipes for kids.

3 ways to make Healthy Corn Salad/ Chaat for kids – Snack recipes

  My 4 years old is one of those children who are not very fond of milk. That means I have to keep finding new evening snacks for her. We are also trying to include different kinds of grains in our regular diet other than wheat and rice like ragi, oats, amaranths seeds and corn. And my daughter loves corn, so these days corn,

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15 Healthy Ragi/ Nachni/ Fingermillet Breakfast Recipes for babies, toddlers, kids

Finger millet recipes for kids Nachni kheer   Ever since we did the 3 ways to make Ragi/Nachni/Finger Millet Porridges post, we have been getting requests to share some RAGI Recipes for older kids and adults. We have also received queries regarding how we can introduce ragi in  our family’s diet. It is very easy to include ragi in your regular diet. Today we

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3 Recipes to make Nachni/ Ragi Porridge for babies, toddlers

Ragi Porridge for Babies/ How to make ragi for babies, toddlers    Ragi or Nachni or finger millet is a powerhouse of nutrition.Ragi is a rich source of calcium and potassium as well as iron. It is gluten-free and, low in fat and is thus easy to digest.

Oats, apple and nuts porridge recipe for toddlers, kids

Oats recipe for toddlers Oats recipe for babies, kids Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. It is important that children should have a good, wholesome breakfast and should not skip this meal. Breakfast provides the body with much-needed fuel after the over-night fast. Experts recommend having breakfast with two hours of waking up. Having a wholesome breakfast keeps

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Cornmeal Dhokla (Bhutte aur Suji ka Dhokla)

Dhokla is a favourite breakfast with people all across India and away. It is light, fluffy and healthy. Traditional dhoklas are made by soaking dals and fermenting them overnight, while the instant version usually uses gram flour(besan) or semolina(suji). Here we make one using whole maize flour or cornmeal or make ka atta. This is a good way of introducing cornmeal in your child’s

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Omellette Pizza – Snack recipe for Kids

  My daughter is not very fond of eggs, so I have to device different ways to make them look appetizing. She has gone through different phases of disliking and liking eggs. There was a time when she would spit out egg in any form, then started tolerating omelet and then hating it. If boiled, she only eats egg whites and leaves yolk. But

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Easy Atta Banana and Walnut bread

My daughter Aanya is a relatively good eater, but she has her bouts of pickiness and at such times you have to serve dishes which will look appealing to them but are also packed with nutrition. This bread below is an easy recipe which is made of wholewheat flour, banana and walnuts which are all great for kids. So when my girl wants to

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