health benefits of turmeric

Home Remedies, Health Benefits of Common Spices – Turmeric & Asafoetida

Spices are a storehouse of goodness and they are not just there to excite our taste buds. There is a reason why certain spices were used in different recipes and if you look closely, you will realise that it was a way  to ensure we have enough of those spices in out daily diet to keep us hale and hearty. We are doing this series  where

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Why can't my child sit still?

Why Can’t My Child Sit Still ? – A Physiotherapist’s view

If your child is having trouble sitting still, then this can be alarming as a parent and might leave you wondering whether they perhaps have a condition such as ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) or another more serious issue. If they are of school age, this could even lead to difficulty in the classroom and you might find them getting into trouble more often than their

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Himalaya Gentle baby bath review

Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath review

You guys know by now that I am a fan of Himalaya products and the latest product I got to use is Himalaya BabyCare’s gentle baby bath. Himalaya has a range of bathing soaps, so I was quite excited to try this bathing lotion/gel. So, here is my experience of the product.   Product claims Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Bath is unique by its natural

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Top 5 points that every parent should know about AUTISM

Autism or autism spectrum of diseases is an often heard but also often misunderstood term. There is so much information on the internet about it that it leaves you baffled. I recently had the good fortune of attending a live webinar by Himalaya BabyCare. It was an insightful session with Dr. Anupama Maruvada, who is a practicing child behaviour therapist, an expert in the

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Egg recipes for toddlers and kids

3 Simple Egg Breakfast Recipes for Toddlers & Kids

So we shared 5 egg recipes for babies sometime last year and it is one of the most popular posts. However, those 5 recipes were for babies and had only egg yolk, so I frequently got requests to share egg recipes for toddlers and older kids as  well. And here we are. These are various simple ways in which you can give eggs to

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Why is Folic Acid Crucial for Pregnant Mothers?

You’ve spent the longest three minutes of your life waiting for that pregnancy test to turn out positive. And it did! The very next thing on your agenda should be to double up that morning bowl of cereal and order an extra loaf of 100% whole wheat bread to go with your lentil soup. A diet rich in nutrients is crucial to your little

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3rd Trimester of Pregnancy: 7 Uncomfortable Symptoms and Their Remedies

The third trimester of pregnancy brings you closer to holding your little buttercup. It is that time when your baby is well-developed and begins to hear you. It is a phase filled with great excitement. However, with all the happiness, mothers 27 weeks pregnant may also rendezvous some irksome symptoms. Some of the most uncomfortable symptoms are mentioned below:   Frequent urination: Your uterus

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Top 50 Indian Unisex Baby Names for baby boys and girls

Top 50 Indian Unisex Baby Names

Are you expecting a baby?   If yes, you’ve most likely taken care of everything from cozy clothes to little booties to colorful toys.  Are you now struggling to find the perfect name for your little tot?  With the overwhelming variety of baby names in India, it could get hard to find just that one. Here’s an end to all your worries: we have

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Top 20 Gorgeous Baby Girl Names with Meanings in India

Your daughter is a gift of God bestowed upon you. A name is probably the first gift you can give her so make sure it’s special. Your little princess’ name should not only reflect her outward appearance but also mirror the beauty and innocence that radiates from within. If you are on the lookout for girl names that exude elegance, you’ve come to the

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Nutritionist’s view of iron needs in an infant & 50+ Iron rich foods for babies & kids

50+ Iron rich foods for babies & kids Importance of Iron in Infant’s diet Meeting iron needs of an infant Nutritionist’s view of iron needs in an infant Iron rich foods for babies -That iron is an essential mineral for human body is well-known but how important it is for babies and young children and how can we as parents ensure that children are

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