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50+ Independence Day Ideas- Crafts/Food/Books/Dress up/Colouring pages

Indian Independence Day Craft ideas Independence day activities for kids Books to read on Indian Independence Day How to dress up for Indian Independence Day party Food ideas to celebrate Indian Independence Day/ Republic day Indian Independence Day/ Republic day colouring pages India themed crafts Indian Independence Day is approaching and soon shops, schools, apartments will all be coloured in the colours of Indian

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3 Atta Halwa Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

Atta halwa for babies – Atta is whole wheat flour used to make chapatis. This is a great way to introduce wheat to your baby. This can replace commercially available wheat-based cereals in market. Atta halwa is also known as lapsi in some places. Lapsi is also made from dahlia or broken wheat. When my daughter was a baby, I tried to avoid packaged

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Indian Independence Day Craft Ideas- 2 simple ways to make Indian Flags

Independence day craft ideas Indian flag craft ideas As I told you, I and my daughter did some crafts this weekend. I shared the peacock puppet craft that we did and today I am going to share two more simple crafts that we did for Independence Day. You may also make these for Republic Day. Independence day crafts Indian flag crafts Independence Day Indian

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Monthly Feeding Charts for Babies & Toddlers

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