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How to know your child's school is not a FIT

How I knew my daughter’s school was not right for her!!

The story goes back a couple of years! My daughter had turned 2 and she used to go to a play group close to our home. She was super happy there and being the happy, mingling child that she always was, she was the only child who never cried for mommy during that year.     Like every parent, we wanted to provide the best for

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Your favourite baby products can make your child very sick

  What toxins are present in baby products? Are common baby products unsafe?   You know that I have been trying to lead myself and my family towards a healthier lifestyle and that includes avoiding packaged foods as much as possible. That is the reason you see all these homemade recipes on our blog and the youtube channel. I was not always so conscientious

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Himalaya for Moms Toning Massage Oil

You might remember the review that we did for the soothing body butter from Himalaya for Moms range. To give you an introduction, Himalaya healthcare, which is synonymous with natural, herbal products and is loved by many including me, has recently launched a new range of products specially for new and expectant mums. These products are gentle and safe for new mums and bring

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Monthly Feeding Charts for Babies & Toddlers

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