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Beetroot Palya – A simple and quick South Indian stir fry

A simple and quick South Indian stir fry – Beetroot palyaI had this many times at office lunch and in friend’s dabbas, but never tried to make it at home. Lockdown is making us creative and last week I found that all I had in my fridge were a couple of beetroots and I decided to try this. It turned out yummy along with

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Service Amidst Crisis – Nestle Healthy Kids’ Continued Commitment to Care

ServiceAmidst Crisis – Nestle Healthy Kids’ Continued Commitment to Care Summers are meant for vacations and this year, we were planning on visiting Bhutan. Who would’ve thought that we would be in the throes of a pandemic and be stuck within the four walls of our homes? But this time has also taught us to be grateful for all the blessings we have and

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Foods to Keep Kids Healthy this Monsoon

Monsoon is here and with it has brought many big and small sicknesses. With a little care and correct food, we can protect our kids from falling sick every now and then. Specially with all kinds of germs in the air, it is of utmost importance that their immune system is strong. Honey Honey is one of the panchamrits according to Indian beliefs and

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