10 Simple tips for tired Moms to get more energy


Imagine this scenario!!

A 30+ mom of one or two, feels exhausted as soon as she gets up. There are a hundred things for her to take care of. She has to cook, get her children ready for school or day care, get herself ready for work, take care of correspondence, manage work at office/home, call teachers, drop and pick children, entertain and hassle with help. Phew!!

Can you relate to this? Do you ever feel frazzled and feel you just do not have energy to take care of your ever increasing list of chores. Do you find yourself snapping at children or your partner because you are sapped? I guess it happens to the best of us.

Top 10 tips for frazzled/tired moms




Here are some easy ways and tips to make you feel more energized.

Take enough rest

Everything starts with getting enough sleep. If you get up rested, you will feel ready to face the day. So, try to ensure going to bed at the same time every day and having at least 7-8 hours of sleep. It can be tough when you have so many things on your mind but try to switch off everything at one point and follow your bedtime routine. Yes, much like the children, you too may have a bedtime routine, take a relaxing shower, change into clean nightwear and may be read or listen to music to wind down.

I find I feel low throughout the day when I haven’t had enough rest. I am crankier, I yell more and I feel I have weight of the whole world on my two shoulders. Getting well-rested in the morning on the other hand makes the day so much happier.


Start your day positively

Get up early to have just half an hour to yourself. Sit with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey and have positive thoughts.

I try getting up at least half hour before everyone else get up. I have my lemon water, plan my day and do some breathing exercises. Not everything always works out as I plan but it definitely gives me a positive start.


Listen to Music/ Read/ give time for some hobby

Nothing relaxes one like good music or a good book. If you really enjoy doing something, you will find time for it. This is your “me-time”.

I find myself relaxing with a good book. It could be a lame girly romance or a serious book, reading helps me rejuvenate.  Find what works for you. It could be watching some funny movie or listening to music or even catching up with close friends on phone. Do what makes you really HAPPY!



Get a health check-up done

Often neglected, but it is very important to get health check-up done regularly. Get your calcium, vitamin B and vitamin b12 levels checked. Follow doctor’s guidelines if any deficiency is found. You may find your energy levels soaring as soon as the physical deficiency has been fixed. 


Get more exercise

Even though you are feeling ready to drop, and exercise may be the last thing on your mind, it might just be what you need to feel better. Exercising releases happy hormones and enhances sense of general well-being.

Doing it by yourself might appear daunting, so form a group where all of you can cheer and encourage each other. Social media has made it even easier to find like-minded people who can come together and do stuff of common interest. Join an online fitness group like Fit Right In on Facebook. There is nothing like having an empathic group of people who cheer you when achieve and pick you up when you falter.


Eat well

For a frazzled mother, spending 20 minutes on a meal might seem too much. You may just about grab a bite while running to drop your kid to school or going to office. But not having proper breakfast will leave you low on sugar and reaching for caffeine or fast junk food, both of which will make you further tired.


Quick Breakfast recipes for Mums



Remain Hydrated

This point cannot be stressed enough. We often forget that the nature has provided us with everything our body needs. So remember to have loads of water and to not let your body get dehydrated.

Most women get caught up in various tasks and often forget to drink water, so keep a bottle of water handy and track your water intake for a few days. Then it will become your second nature to glug down the H2O ever so often.

Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water with a dash of lemon and honey. There are plenty of ways to flavor water if you do not like it as is.

1)     1)  Add a dash of lemon or any other citrus fruit to flavour it.

2)     2)  Add few slices of cucumber and mint in a glass jug full of water and keep for about an hour. Your own detox water is ready and it is soooo delicious!!

3)      3) Few slices of green apple and a stick of cinnamon is so much more flavoursome and any store-bought drink


Cut down on caffeine

If you go to tea, coffee or cola to relieve stress, exhaustion, it is probably time to stop. Having moderate amounts is fine, but too much is known to cause dehydration without us realizing the same, which eventually leads to exhaustion and fatigue.


Stop comparing yourself to others and give priority to YOU

Everyone has their own set of problems, so however perfect someone’s life appears, it is not so! Let go of your complexes and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and it is your responsibility and duty to take care of YOURSELF.

Once a month, be sure to visit a parlour or spa to get a little TLC. Do not neglect going to salon, because there other things to take care of. Trust me, you will better just because you have done something only for yourself. 🙂


Get help

Do not try to be a super-woman!

Ask for help when you need.

Outsource the work that seems to be taking a lot of your time.

This is the single-most important realization that helped make my life simpler. I was one of those people who like to do everything on their own and that just made me cranky and fatigued. I realized I was spending too much time on things which were unimportant or important but did not give me any joy. Finding someone to help freed my mind of that stress.


Do you have more points to add to this? What makes you feel relaxed and rearing to go?


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