pH Balance of Baby’s Skin and Daffy Cleansing Syndet bar for babies

Daffy soap bar review for babies

Daffy cleaning bar for babies

You must have heard about pH balance of skin, but most common people do not understand what it really means. Let us try and understand what it is and how it affects our baby’s skin.

What is pH?

The pH is a measure of acidity and alkalinity of a substance or solution. The pH scale ranges between 1 to 14. pH value of 7 is neutral, while values below 7 i.e. 1-7 are acidic while 7-14 are alkaline.

You might remember the litmus paper test from school which was used to test the acidic or alkaline nature of a substance.

What is the pH of human skin?

The optimal pH value of skin on most of human face and body lies between 4.7 and 5.75. This means that pH value of human skin is slightly acidic.

The skin is protected by a very fine and slightly acidic film on the surface. This layer is called as acid mantle and it protects the skin from bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants.

How is baby’s skin different from older children or adults?

Baby skin is much more delicate than adult skin. It can be up to ten times thinner and is damaged easily.

In babies, the acid mantle is not fully developed therefore the pH of skin  is slightly higher than 5.5. This skin thus needs special care and we must only use special baby care products which are suitable for the delicate skin of baby. The products should not remove too much oil from the skin and should support the formation of acid mantle.

Is it safe to use soap on baby’s skin?

Syndet bars are recommended by experts to use for cleansing baby’s skin as they are soap and alkali free.

Daffy cleansing and moisturising syndet bar is free from soap and alkali and it’s skin friendly pH of 5 to 6 supports the formation of acidic skin mantle during the initial months.

This bar is also enriched with aloe and shea butter to moisturise the skin as it cleanses.

Daffy soap bar review

Features of Daffy cleansing and moisturising syndet bar

  1. It is completely soap free and alkali free.
  2. It is suitable for use right after birth.
  3. The pH of this bar is the same as that of mature human skin (between 5 and 6).
  4. Promotes the development of acid mantle of skin.
  5. It is enriched with the goodness of aloe vera and shea butter in sunset base.
  6. It is gentle and cleanses deeply without drying the skin.
  7. If your baby’s skin is dry, then this bar can certainly help.

How to use Daffy cleansing and moisturising syndet bar?

Use it like any other soap. Gently apply to baby’s skin and rinse off completely. My friend has used this on her baby’s skin and has found that his skin has shown marked difference. Her baby has very dry skin and use of this bar has definitely helped.


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18 Replies to “pH Balance of Baby’s Skin and Daffy Cleansing Syndet bar for babies”

  1. Shruti Bhat says:

    Ohh.. these would be hypoallergenic too right? Would be perfect for kids who have skin allergies.

  2. Rakhi Parsai says:

    My daughter has sensitive skin and we have always used medicated soaps only for her. This one seems like a new brand as I had not heard about them. But would love to try them after checking with my daughter’s pediatrician.

  3. Pooja Kawatra says:

    These bars look quite gentle for baby’s skin and would love to give them a try for my little one.

  4. Anubhuti says:

    First of all great info about the pH balance. The bar looks trendy and safe, should be tried once.

  5. Anchal says:

    These seem to be so gentle on the baby’s skin. Would check them out.


    Currently the soap i am using for my son also has a ph level i was not aware about this brand sounds good thanks for recommending will definitely try it out.

  7. Neha Tambe says:

    I honestly didn’t know about the pH balance and how it is different for kids. I just picked up baby soaps for my kids. Thanks for this helpful post.

  8. Rashmi says:

    This was quite informative. Babies skin need a lot more moisture, we always keep this in mind before buying baby skin products. Will check these bars out thr next time i have to buy a soap.

  9. Amitoj says:

    Wow.. i like this idea of using pH maintenance soap bars. Can I get this from amazon?

  10. Kavita Singh says:

    A perfect soap bar for babies, to tell you the truth I didn’t know much about PH but this blog was really helpful.


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