How to Introduce Bottle to my 5 Months old Baby?

Dear Maa,

I am a working lady. my kid is 5 months complete.have to join my duty from next month. trying to introduce bottle to him. But he is not ready to drink milk through bottle or with spoon.kindly suggest solutions.


Hi Sulakshna,

It is common for a baby this old who is used to breastfeeding to resist bottle. Ideally if you know that you will need to transition your baby to bottle soon, it must start gradually by 2-3 months. It can still be done but might take more time.

Ideally, ask somebody else, maybe your husband or mother in law to give a bottle while you disappear from the scene. Do not appear even if your baby refuses to take. Even if the baby takes a little, that will be a start and will gradually increase the in take.

One more thing you may try is to express breastmilk and put that in bottle. Sometimes baby might realize that it is the same milk in a bottle may offer less resistance.

You may also try different bottles and nipples. Check if the flow is too less as that may put off your little one.

It may take several weeks for baby to accept a bottle, so do not get upset if things move slowly at first.


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