Benefits of Almond Oil for Baby Massage

Almond Oil for Baby Massage

Sweet almond oil for baby massage


Is almond oil good for baby massage/ What are the benefits of almond oil for baby massage?

You must have heard from many that massage is good for babies and regular massage helps in physical as well as psychological development of babies. Parents are always worried about finding the best for their babies. That baby massage is important, but which oil to chose for massage can be baffling. It is always recommended that some kind of edible oil be used for massaging baby and not commercially prepared mineral oils.

Coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil are commonly used for baby massages. Some even recommend using pure/ desi ghee for baby massage or maalish.

Sweet almond oil or badam tel is extracted from sweet almonds which are safe for eating. It has a soothing smell and sweet taste.

Advantages of using Almond Oil for Baby Massage /maalish

Sweet Almond Oil Rich in natural goodness

  • Almond oil is very good for massage as it gets absorbed into skin well.
  • Sweet almond oil is naturally rich in vitamin E and vitamin D, which keeps the skin healthy and supple.
  • Almond oil can be used during both winter and summer.
  • Almond oil is very gentle and light so it spreads on skin easily and suits baby’s gentle skin.  


Almond oil promotes skin healing

Almond oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is absorbed easily into skin. Thus it is effective in healing conditions like dry skin, eczema , itchy rashes etc.


Sweet almond oil is a natural moisturizer

Sweet almond oil is naturally moisturizing and will keep your baby’s skin soft and supple for hours.



almond oil for baby massage

Sweet almond oil is anti-inflammatory

Sweet almond oil can reduce itching and inflammation on your baby’s skin.

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Sweet almond oil is safe to ingest

Sweet almond oil is safe to be taken internally and you do not have to worry about it’s effects if ingested unlike mineral oils.

 Precautions while giving massage to baby


Sweet almond oil is anti-dandruff

Sweet almond oil has anti-dandruff properties and can be used to massage baby’s hair to get rid of dandruff and cradle cap. Cradle cap especially can be quite stubborn and new parents can get worried even though it is harmless. Using almond oil to massage baby’s head, neck, ears etc. can help in gradually curing cradle cap.


Sweet almond oil is light

Almond oil is thin and light and thus it spreads easily and will not leave your baby’s body body sticky post massage. 


Sweet almond oil is edible

As mentioned earlier, using an edible oil ensure that you do not worry about baby accidentally ingesting the oil while massaging.


Almond oil promotes hair growth

As almond oil is absorbed well, regular head massage with it, promotes good blood circulation and hair growth. 


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Precautions when using sweet almond oil for baby massage

People with severe nut allergy may develop reaction to touch of a nut or nut products. So, people with nut allergies should avoid using almond oil. If you have a history of nut allergies in your family, then be very careful when using sweet almond oil for baby massage. If you really want to use it, then try just one drop on leg and wait for next 2-3 days. If there is no reaction, you may then proceed but gradually. You must also consult baby’s doctor in such a case.

 These are some of the benefits of almond oil for baby massage. Do not forget to share this post and do leave a comment to let us know any more benefits or features you may know. Which oil do you use for your baby’s massage?

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