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8 Bruschetta( Snack/ Breakfast) Recipes for kids

We recently received a mail from a reader asking for some easy snack recipes for kids. Her child likes bread and she wanted to ake it moreinteresting and healthier. We thought of bruschetta or crostini as a versatile breakfast or snack option. Bruschetta or crostini are basically toasted bread with some toppings. They form excellent finger food and snack and are so easy to

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Healthy Dips and Chutneys for kids

Kids usually love dips, ketchups etc, but we mums are always worried about the amount of preservatives in packaged sauces, mayonnaise etc. This section is a collection of easy homemade chutneys and dips for kids and the whole family.   Mint and Raw Mango chutney This is a refreshing, cooling  chutney which will be loved by not just your kids but your whole family.

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15 Healthy Drinks for Kids

  Fluids are essential for well-being of babies and toddlers alike. For newborns till 6 months, breast milk or formula provides all the fluids that baby needs.

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  Baked Wholewheat (Atta) Crackers/ Mathri Mathri is an Indian snack which is loved by most, but the fact that it is made of refined flour( maida) and fried makes it quite unhealthy. These crackers here were a result of reinventing paranthas which my little girl refused to have.

Finger Food for Kids/ Indian Recipes for toddlers

Indian finger food recipes for toddlers Indian recipes for toddlers Toddlers are known to be picky and fussy eaters. Moreover, they want to assert their new found independence by feeding themselves. You can either carry a plate and  run behind them all day or give them some easy to feed themselves finger-food and hope that most of it goes into their mouth and not

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