How to choose good sleep wear for baby?

Good sleepwear is important to ensure good sleep for baby. Keep certain things in mind while buying sleep wear for your baby.


  • Use cotton, breathable clothes while putting baby to sleep.
  • Do not buy sleepwear that too fussy, i.e. has a lot of layers, ribbons embellishments etc.
  • Buy comfortable, snug fitting clothes.
  • If you buy pajamas which are buttoned, check whether buttons are secured tightly or now. It is a good idea to fix them once you bring them home before making baby wear them.
  • If you use two-piece pajamas, buy bottoms with feet, so baby doesn’t need separate socks.
  • Sleepwear should be season-appropriate. Buy thick quilted sleep-suits for winters and thin cotton cotton ones for summers.
  • When buying onesies, do not buy too big a size. Sleepwear should be correct size for baby.
  • If you use air-conditioning, dress baby accordingly in warm enough clothes. Avoid using blankets. They are usually useless, as baby would kick them off as soon as you put them. Plus they are a hazard and baby may get entangled in them.





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