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Every family has some rituals or activities which remain etched in the minds of the people living in the house forever. Rituals need not be elaborate and formal. It can be something that a family does either together or in small groups. Most adults distinctly remember special rituals like story time with their parents. I also remember how my mum would stand in the balcony and keep waving to us while we were leaving for school, till the time we had taken the turn.  A family ritual can give a child a sense of having roots and knowing how he/she is different from others and how her family is special for her. Festivals, celebrations come once in a year and are usually celebrated with great fervor, but it is the everyday stuff that children cherish for lifetime. Here are a few ideas of some of the rituals that we follow and you could do too.



Mealtime rituals for kids

This ritual can be started ever since she started sitting in her high-chair. Accompany with singing lots of rhymes, stories. We usually kept her chair by the dining room window which is a full length one and she loved watching children, animals, cars, buses etc. You can also make it a point to eat atleast one meal together as family.


Goodbye Rituals for kids

Make sure to give your child a big hug and kiss when she is going out for school or playtime. Our little girl reminds us and gives us a kissie even if we forget it sometimes.


Coming home rituals for kids

Keep some special ritual for the time when you come from office or outside. This will make your child look forward to that time. You can sing a song together as soon as you enter, play a silly game or have a special greeting. My husband and daughter have silly song they sing and then they play hide and seek. Just running around and hiding behi9nd the door or curtains, but she loves that and is super-excited when her father comes.


Prayer time Rituals for kids

You can have some small rituals like praying or folding hands, singing aratis etc. during prayer time. Our little ones enjoys her time with her grand mum during puja and helps her in giving prasad to everyone.



Bedtime Rituals for kids

This is a special time and parents should try and spend atleast some one-to-one time with child. You can do so much at this time, sing a song, read to your child, make up a story, talk about their day and yours, the list is endless.


Weekend Rituals for kids

Keep some activities to be done over weekend. You can play a board game as a family, go for a drive, even supermarket can be fun if you make it fun for little ones, etc. You can have a special dinner for weekends. Scrabble, ludo, carom board are perfect for game nights.


Monthly and Yearly Rituals ideas

You can set aside one Sunday in a month when all of you go for a drive or watch a movie together. You can also keep a special day for eating out, a trip to zoo or amusement park.

If your extended family lives in another city, you can take kids to visit their grandparents and uncles and aunts once a year. They will cherish those visits for life and it also keeps family bonds strong.


Other ritual ideas for kids

You could involve children in day-to-day activities which will remain with them for life.

If you love gardening, let them water the plants with you. Talk to them about how plants grow, show them seeds, let them help you plant those.

Let the children help out in the kitchen if you see an inclination. Simple tasks like mixing, beating etc. can make them proud. Added advantage is that they will also want to eat what they have helped in preparing.

What rituals do you follow at home with your kids? Do you remember the ones from your childhood?

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2 Replies to “Family Ritual Ideas for kids”

  1. Megha Gopan says:

    The Goodbye and Coming Home rituals are regular at our place.Since I hardly get to see my daughter all day,I make it a point to give her a tight hug as well as a soft kiss when I drop her at the daycare.Also,on returning from office,she would cling to me and she is the one pressing the buttons on the lift to go down.The funniest part is that there is a button for an alarm in the lift and the moment we reach the ground floor,griha never misses pressing the ALARM button and a long siren goes on for a minute 😀 By now everyone in the building knows that Griha has come down 😀 😀

    In the mornings,when she is reluctant to brush,her dad would playfully move around covering his face under a blanket,walking like a zombie to catch her..This excites her and she runs straight to the bathroom,onto the stool and I catch hold of her to brush 😀 A moment all three of us enjoy!!!

    Friday and Saturday are special days for Grihu..She refers Friday as the “Puri Day” as we treat her with her favourite puris at a restaurant for dinner.On saturdays,we take her for some amazing game rides.This is fixed for all weekend

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      That sounds beautiful, megha!! Thank you for letting us know the daily rituals in your home. Lots of love to Griha!! 🙂


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