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Prenatal care means care during your pregnancy. As soon as you realize you are pregnant or have tested at home, you must make an appointment with a good gynaecologist, ideally someone not too far, so that visiting the doctor should not become too big a hassle as your pregnancy proceeds.
Doctor will confirm your pregnancy using either a blood test or a physical examination.
Pregnancy period is divided into three trimesters.

How Much Water Is Needed By Baby, Kids & Mother?

Importance of hydration for Mothers and Kids – with Dr. Poornima Shankar   Summer is at its peak and one of the most common queries that we receive is how to ensure children don’t get dehydrated. Recently, Himalaya Baby Care invited Dr. Poornima Shankar,  Sr. Research Scientist & Nutritionist for a live session on their Facebook page to talk about this very topic. I

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Importance of folic acid during pregnancy

Importance of folic acid during pregnancy Why is folic acid crucial during early pregnancy You’ve spent the longest three minutes of your life waiting for that pregnancy test to turn out positive. And it did! The very next thing on your agenda should be to double up that morning bowl of cereal and order an extra loaf of 100% whole wheat bread to go

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Amber- Beauty Services at Home for Expectant and New Mums

Something happened recently which took me back 4 years!! Now many of you know that we have a facebook community for mums called SW Mums and kids, which is an extension of ShishuWorld. It is an absolutely wonderful, lively community, where we love hanging out. We are currently having a month-long fitness challenge. Well, it is not really a challenge but motivation for mums

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Constipation during pregnancy

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy and usually not very serious. Why constipation during pregnancy? The reason is the pressure applied by your growing uterus on your rectum and abundance of pregnancy hormones in your body. Iron supplements also cause constipation in some women. What to do about Constipation during pregnancy? If you too suffer from this problem, you can follow some easy

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Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

What is Morning Sickness? Sickness or unease during the first trimester of pregnancy is loosely called morning sickness. It is also sometimes called as vomiting of pregnancy. It may occur at any time of the day and different women experience different symptoms in various degrees.

Your First prenatal Visit

  Your first prenatal checkup would be as soon as you discover that your are or might be pregnant. Doctor will do a physical checkup and review your medical history.

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