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All babies suffer from some illness or injury while playing or sometimes due to a mistake by parents. However careful you are, it is bound to happen. No use worrying about it too much, instead it helps to remain prepared for such eventuality.
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First Aid/ Home Remedies for Insect Bites

Home Remedies for Insect Bites – Insect bites are a common problem during most seasons especially summer and rainy seasons. Some insect bites can lead to itchy rashes while few can be more dangerous leading to illnesses like malaria and dengue. With the scare of dengue in a lot of Indian cities, it is important to protect yourself from mosquitoes. But children may get

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Step by step how to give Nasal Saline Drops to Babies

How to administer nasal saline drops to baby for unblocking a congested nose? Step by step procedure to give saline drops to baby to clear congested nose. What are Nasal Saline Drops? Nasal saline  drops are salt and water solution that can be dropped in nose to relieve congestion. In case baby gets cold, mucous collects in baby’s nose and makes it difficult for baby

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Clearing Baby’s Congested Nose using Nasal Aspirator

No parent like to see their little one suffer, but most babies suffer from cold at least a few times during the first year. A stuffy nose is specially irritating for the babies, as they do not know how to breathe from mouth and are too young to blow their nose. It can also interfere with nursing in newborn babies and can disturb their

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