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Here’s why you should invest in a home before you have a kid!

Flashback to the time when my husband and I were newly married and we shifted to Bangalore.  Both of us had good jobs with decent salaries and had a new city to explore. We enjoyed eating out and travelling and life was fun with double salary and almost no responsibilities. Like a typical young couple, we were not really bothered about investing and even

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5 ways to Save for Your Child’s Future

Save for Your Child’s Future– My daughter will soon be 5 years old and though we have made some investments for her, we realise how it needs more conscious planning now. In another 13 years, my daughter will start college, which considering the rate of inflation is going to be a substantial amount. Many a times, we as parents often overlook how expensive college

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5 points while doing Financial Planning for your child

Financial Planning for your child – Having a baby is not only a matter of great joy for expectant parents, it is also a big responsibility. Financial planning for your child is of utmost importance and should begin as soon as you start planning for a baby.   5 points to keep in mind while Financial Planning for your child/ new baby Pregnancy is

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