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Indian traditions – India is country of celebration and there is no bigger celebration than arrival of a baby. There are a host of rituals related to pregnant women and new baby. We take a look at some of them.

Godh Bharai / Indian Baby Shower-Planning and Games

    Godh-Bharai is Indian baby shower ceremony. This ceremony is called “Shaad” in Bengal. In South India, the ceremony is called “Valaikaapu “ or “Seemantham, also known as ‘Srimantha”.Godh Bharai literally means “Filling of the Lap”. It is a ceremony to bless the expectant mother and her to-be baby.       When is Godh Bharai performed ?   This ceremony is done

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Haathe Khodi (First writing ceremony)

‘Haathe khodi’ which lierally means ‘chalk in hand’ is a Bengali tradition in which children write their first letter. This is supposed to be the beginning of their literal journey.

Mundan Sanskar / Tonsuring Ceremony

Ad What ? Mundan sanskar or Tonsuring is a Hindu ceremony in which a baby’s first hair after birth are saved. Mundan ceremony is also known as  Chudakarana. Similar ceremonies are also performed in Muslim and Sikh communities in India. When is Mundan performed? Mundan is performed during the first or third year of baby’s birth. It should be done in an odd year

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Annaprashan ceremony/ Feeding of first rice grain

 Annaprashan is an important ritual in Hindu culture. Anna in Sanskrit means grain. Annaprashan literally means feeding of first grain to the baby. It is also called “Mukhe Bhaat” in Bengal, which literally means “rice in mouth“. It is followed in most parts of India, though the ceremony may differ slightly. After annaprashan, baby is gradually introduced to all kinds of solid food. Annaprashan

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Namkaran / Naming Ceremony

  Namkaran is Hindu naming ceremony or christening. Namkaran is usually the first big ceremony after a baby is born.Namkaran in Hindi literally means “making of name “, i.e. the day when a name is given to a newborn baby.     When to organise Namkaran ? In some parts of India, it is held on the twelfth day , but it can be

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Confinement Practices After Delivery

Ad In most of India, there is a tradition of keeping the new mother and newborn baby in confinement during the initial few days. The duration of this confinement varies from 21 days to 40 days.  The basis of this tradition is to allow mother and baby to recuperate from the ordeal of labour and delivery. They are usually kept in a room with

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Dressing Baby in Old Clothes

Ad In India, there is a tradition to dress baby in old clothes during the first few days/weeks. Usually, clothes of an older sibling or a cousin are handed down for this purpose. In fact, many people consider it inauspicious to do any shopping for the baby before the baby is born. This belief stems from the fact that these old used clothes are

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