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Flu Vaccine / Influenza Vaccine: What , Why and When??

Is flu vaccine safe for kids? What is flu shot or flu vaccine?   Winter season is knocking on the door and with it, it brings cold, cough and allergies. With the pollution so high in most big cities, there are rising incidents of allergies in children and even adults. I am currently at my brother’s place and my nephew has suffered from respiratory

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Top 13 Tips for Introducing Healthy Eating Habits in Toddlers

As your baby becomes a toddler, you will soon discover an iron will to do things themselves and their own way. It is good to encourage this natural tendency to help them become independent. Be protective but not over-protective.   One of the important skills is healthy eating habits and kids learn from what they see around themselves. So it is important that parents

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34 Must-haves in First-Aid box for Toddlers / Baby Health kit

  Toddlers become increasingly more social and active as they grow, but this also means contacting more germs and frequency of falling sick or getting injured goes up as well. In a home with a toddler, it is essential to have some basic first-aid and medicines in the medicine cabinet. Ensure that it well-stocked and keep checking from time-to-time to replace supplies as they

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When your Child Gets Sick: How to Deal with Common Childhood Illnesses

As parents, it’s our duty and instinct to worry about our children, but when dealing with childhood illness, it can be difficult not to panic. We all know that children get sick a lot, particularly when they start going to school, but did you know our children’s immune systems actually continue to develop right up until their teens? This means they are more susceptible

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Diet for your Underweight Toddler, Baby

Diet for underweight toddler, baby and kids How to help my toddler, kid gain weight? Top foods for weight gain in babies, toddlers and kids Can I add ghee to baby’s diet for weight gain?   Diet for underweight toddler – Many parents worry about their children being underweight or their failure to thrive. They try to find ways to help weight gain in their

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Top 10 Tips to Improve Immunity of Kids Naturally

Rains/ Winters mean sick children at home and frequent visits to doctor, especially if you have young children at home. To keep kids healthy, it is important to boost their immunity so that they will fall sick less. Most parents want to improve immunity of their children naturally rather than giving them medication. You can take some simple steps to keep your baby healthy

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